Stick it here

I suppose I could blog about the rain and how much it sucks! This means that Paige will not have soccer tonight and we'll be stuck in the house yet again. Mike didn't have practice last night and being cooped all day and all night with 2 crazy kids who did nothing but fight....well, let's just say it's a miracle we're all still here!

But anyway, I don't think you want to read a boring post about rain, so instead I'm taking
SupahMommy up on her Post-It challenge. Let me just state that it's darn near impossible for me to sum things up on a little piece of paper that never stay where you put it and ends up getting lost anyway so what's the point!

But I figure
these Post-Its can't get lost in the shuffle.


For my loving husband, here's one for you!!! I know, I know, it always tastes better when I make it, but really, it's not that hard!



All I want to do is pull the bag out and take it outside. There should be no reason I have to rearrange the kitchen to find everything that missed the intended target!!!


mother nature

Yes, I know the kids love to play in the leaves. But seriously, there's enough stuff to clean INside the house!



Especially on Sunday. Oooh, there's gonna be some battles in this house on Sundays!!!

So what will you write?

Until next time.....


MommyLisa said...

I agree on the networks getting together to arrange the tv schedule just how we want it...those selfish men just won't listen to reason I am afraid... sigh... ;)

supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...


THose were freaking funny E!!

I LOVED THE LEAF ONE.. oh my word was i laughing " mock"

and the TARGET.. red markers

SOOO creative.

You brought the funny for this one..
you are now required to join me next week... no matter what


Shell said...

We need a toilet target here, too.
Our tv battles are on Mondays, though. Seriously- spread out the good shows.

Melissa said...

I need a terget on the toilet too... what happend to: "if you sprinlkle while you tinkle; please be neat and wipe the seat"?

Christine said...

HA! Love your Post It's...very adorable how you have them in light pink to match the blog! ;o)

Chief said...

I know! WTH...why do the put all of the good shows up against each other! Don't they realize we are already busy and unstable and can't handle anymore choices?

Lisa Anne said...

LOL I had to hang a sign in my bathroom that says, "If you sprinkle when you tickle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie." It has a penguin on it and on the shirt says, "It wasn't me" So I hung that in the downstairs bathroom.

The other night he was getting ready for his shower in his bathroom upstairs and he peed on the toilet seat. I was like okay wipe it up and he said that's only for the downstairs toilet.

I guess I have to make 2 more signs for the other bathrooms. He's such a smart ass.

Dumb Mom said...

These post it notes are cute. Supah is a blogging genius. I do Thank You Thursdays and it's a handwritten thank you card to people who deserve it. So time consuming and handwritten which seemed like a good idea at first, but then I remembered why people just email! Supah's idea is way more awesome! Stopped by from SITS!

tinahead81 said...

haha, love the post its!!

i was thinking the same thing the other day about my tv shows!!

stopping over from sits, have a great day! :o)

Unknown said...

Totally agree with the whole networks thing! all my shows are on on mondays and there's only one that I can't watch online (the big bang theory) which is totally sucky!