Soccer Sunday

Today kicked off the Fall soccer season for my kids! gg had her game first. When she was on the field, she played defense most of the time. She did a really good job helping to protect the net. When she did get a chance to play offense, she took the ball all the way down the field. She didn't score, but it was so close! It's amazing to watch her play now because she actually knows what she's doing and she's getting pretty good! At least I think so =)

Little Dude's game was at 11. Now GG wasn't as young when she started so this was a whole new experience for me. And I think I've mentioned this before, Little Dude is one of the youngest on his team. Actually, I think he IS the youngest. So I wasn't sure how he would do.

Before they started, I told him to follow his coach to the field and listen to what she tells him to do. Well, he was on her like white on rice! I said follow her, not be her third leg!! And then she would tell the kids where to stand. Well, he didn't move until she told him it was ok to chase the ball. Wish he would listen to me like that!!! Like he told me after the game, he didn't get the all in the net. But I am very proud of how he played! He was trying to kick the ball and block shots. Yay Mike!!!

Oh, and sorry, but currently these are the only pictures I have to show off. You see, my digital camera kinda broke. Technically I can take pictures, but the screen is cracked so it's a crap shoot as to if I actually get a good picture or not. I lucked out with these 2, but I didn't think it would work at the field. So I had to use the last of the roll in my other camera. Once I get those developed, I'll pull out the scanner and add them at a future point in time.

Hint, hint...I need a new camera!!!
yes, Chris I'm talking to you because I know you read these =)

It was so nice to have my family in from Wisconsin this weekend because they made it to see the games as well. And after the kids were cleaned up we all went to hang out again at my mom's house. And we did what any good person does when they're on vacation....


I took my cousin out to the resale event in my area and her and her husband bought some things for their new baby. I'm glad they were able to find stuff. And about this sale, I can't believe how many things have sold!!! At least half of the inventory was gone. And it's only been open to the public for 2 days! The ladies who are in charge of this event are geniuses! Why can't I think of this stuff!?!

After we went shopping we all went out to dinner. Between the 10 of us, the restaurant got mixed reviews, but personally, I loved it! I had Pasta Mediterranean - pasta (duh!), spinach, katamala olives, tomatoes, feta, and chicken with an olive oil based "sauce". Yum!!!

And now the day is over. I'm not sure if we'll get to see them before they have to fly back home. I really hope so, but like every other day of my life, it all depends on time, which there is NEVER enough of!

I think it's about time to join Chris on the couch and watch some Sunday Night Football. And because I know he does stop in to read, I just have to leave this with a......

Go Packers!!!

Until next time....

ps. Go Packers followed by a Steelers siggy. I bet you're now thinking What the heck?!? I can support more than one team, but don't doubt where my heart lays. Of, course it's with the Steelers!!!


Anti-Supermom said...

I love the *hint*, I should use my blog to get more things that I want too. My husband doesn't always get the subtle ones.

Your two kiddos are adorable.

supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...

I came to see your MOnday MeMe.. but it's not here. Maybe it didnt' post? I see you linkied up!
Just a heads up in case it's not working for you. :)