5 Little White Lies Told by MeMe

Ok, let's start off with something little. If you're a parent, then you have probably said something in this field to your kids. Don't hide! I know you did!!

1. Pretend characters ~ Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and whoever else may fall in this category. My newest favorite is the Cleaning Fairy. We all know kids HATE to clean up and we hate even more cleaning up after them. Here's what I told my kids....

The Cleaning Fairy watches over out house.
If she sees that all of your toys are not put away before you go to bed,
she will take them for a week

<>I was tired of threatening them to clean up so I "called my friend on the phone" and asked her to put in a word for me to the Cleaning Fairy. I have never seen my daughter clean her room so fast!

2. "I love your shorts!!" ~ So there's this girl I used to work with who was rather large. She was rather large up top as well and loved to show her girls off, but that's another story! So anyway, on her lunch break she went out and bought some new shorts because she was going out after work. They were plaid shorts and really they were cute....but not on her! She bought the biggest size they had, which raises red flags right there! If they went up her behind any more they would have came out her nose! And she had to keep pulling her shirt down (again showing way more of the girls than anyone needed to see!) because she could not button the shorts!!!!

But I told her they looked nice. Mean, maybe, but oh well!

3. My Best Friend's Wedding ~ Mom, I know you some of my posts and if you happen to catch this one, I'm sorry!

Anywho, my BFF and I wanted to go see a movie. We were told by our parents we were not allowed to go see this movie. Now keep in mind, we HAD already seen the movie and we just wanted to go again. Oh wait! I didn't' tell you what movie. Oops!!!

Holy cow did we love that movie! We still do! When asked what we were going to see, "My Best Friend's Wedding" is the first title that came to mind. And I did eventually see that movie. Didn't care for it so much!

4. I won't be gone long ~ Sorry Chris, but you know I saw this all the time and you know it's a lie EVERY time! I always say this to him when I am going out with my BFF. I swear I don't intend to be out late, but we like to talk. Ok, that's a bit of an understatement!!! We are done with cards or whatever we are doing by 11, but I rarely get home before 1am. Yep, we spend another 2 hours talking. Because apparently the first few hours we were together talking was just not enough.

Oh, and if we go to the bar, you KNOW I won't be early. This happens when my mom and I go out for a few drinks. We'll decide to have a few drinks, listen to a few people make complete fools of themselves for karaoke, and head home. Well, next thing you know the bartender is shouting

"Last Call!!!"

5. I don't know if I can fit that into my schedule ~ This is usually said at PTA meetings. Most times, I probably DO have the time. I just really don't want to help out with whatever the activity is. I have done my share of helping, but I've learned that even when you do help, you're still at the bottom of the food chain. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am not in the PTA to be part of a group. I'm there to support my daughter's school and be more involved in what goes on there. If I make new friends in the process, great! But at the same time, it does hurt a little to feel like you don't belong when you work so hard at something. I am not bending over backwards and brown-nosing because it's not going to get my anywhere with them.

I hope you enjoyed my little white lies. Maybe they made you chuckle a bit. I know I was while typing this!

Until next time....


Shell said...

I think I may need to steal the Cleaning Fairy!

Lisa said...

Dang! I never thought of a cleaning fairy!

Chief said...

totally have used the I don't know when I will be home! and we have an elf that we call to let santa know he should be watching!

supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...

lol! so glad you go them up! the shorts one.. ughhhh.. you weren't cruel.. you were kind.

somone else said in a meme monday ..( today) if they are wearing it.. they think it looks good enough.. so why bother to tell them different.


i have a blanky fairy... if my 6 year old leaves her "winky" laying around the house and not in the room as PER MY RULES.. the blanky fairy is coming..and if she sees it out of your room.. it's fair game. it means you don't care about it. and it will go to babies. .

Im cruel.. you should see my 6year old frantically searching when she says.. i can't find my winky.

Summer said...

Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty!!!