Meme Monday - 5 essentials


Ok, I admit I don't watch Survivor. I think I watched the first season, but then got out of it. But I had to use this lovely logo made by SupahMommy because it really is friggin awesome!

I do have some things that I absolutely CANNOT live without. So now, without any further adieu I present.......

Meme Monday
Brought to you by the letter M
and SupahMommy and MommyBrain

5 essential Meme items I cannot survive without

If I don't get on at least once a day, my whole day is thrown off! I have email to check, Facebook to play with, and of course I have to blog. A girl needs her therapy ya know!!!


Hmm, maybe this should be #1. The first thing I do in the morning is drink me some coffee. Ok, during the week I have to get dressed, get everyone in the car, and drive to the coffee shop, but what gets me motivated is actually getting to the coffee shop and tasting that first wonderful sip (and burning the crap out of my lip!).

My favorite mug!
I don't use it everyday

but I love to show it off!

Most people won't talk to me in the mornings unless I've had at least 1 delicious cup of java


Yes, I know I already said this one. I'm allowed to have it on here twice because, well, this is my blog! Go ahead, try and stop me!

Anyways, the other reason I cannot live without my computer is the kids. They have their sites and games they play.

webkinz bob the builder

tux paint jumpstart

By letting them play their games, I get a huge chunk of time to do whatever I want. Ok, usually those things I do involve cleaning and I really don't want to do them, but I have to. And being able to do them uninterrupted is just magnificent!


Hold on, let me stand up and take my spot....

Hi! I'm Evonne. I'm a caffeine addict. Nice to meet you!


When I was working, I would go to the store and buy a bottle every day. It might take me forever to drink it because I'm slow like that, but I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!!! If I didn't have any Pepsi by mid afternoon, you know something was wrong. That's how some girls I used to work with knew I was pregnant! I couldn't drink Pepsi - it made me sick. Believe me, I was so pissed about that!!!


Sometimes this necessity is more for the kids than it is for me. If I let them listen to their favorite songs in the car, we have a much better ride.

iPod nano

Right now they're stuck on some of the newest additions to my iPod, which are ABC songs and stuff like Old MacDonald and Itsy Bitsy Spider. But if they're not in the mood for those songs, then their biggest requests are We Will Rock You, Ring of Fire, and Mr. Roboto. Yes I have an eclectic array of music and yes I have odd children. I mean, how many 4 year olds do you know that go around singing

I fell into a burning ring of fire
I went down, down, down
And the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns
That ring of fire

Yep, word for word. Mike's my little party trick!

So there you have it. My 5 essentials. I hope you enjoyed!

Until next time....


Poolside with the Girls said...

I like your music selections! My taste indeed. Have a great day.

Melissa said...

I like your music too....

You've got a good list.... I might hang out with you on the island.

supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...

i am officially in love with you because you teach your kids

mr. roboto

i think that is HILARIOUS!

ok. I have a confession. I have an ipod. But I have no idea how to download stuff or even use it in the car???
It's one of those touch ones.. and it just sits there staring at me.

and loved your coffee mug!
yahh smiley cookies.

you all are missing out.. all of you out of staters.

thanks for being a regular on monday's! and thanks for the toot toot about the logo..

I'm going to continue to let people beleive that i made the ENTIRE thing.. when i just put some words on an existing logo. :)


Chief said...

Your list seems to a have a theme. Caffeine and technology. LOVE IT!

Lisa Anne said...

You forgot CELL PHONE. LOl

5 things I can't live without are

1) cell phone
2) Now that i'm blogging a computer
3) my son and BF
4) My car
5) hoodies - What I love hoodies and staying warm!!

Lori said...

My kids sing selections from the Ramones and then turn around and sing songs they heard on Spongebob Squarepants. It's pretty funny!

TheAtticGirl said...

For me, it's gotta be Mountain Dew for my caffeine source. Can't do anything without it!

Great list!

Shell said...

I love your coffee cup! I so need one of those.

Lisa said...

I forgot coffee! I have to have that. great list!

Raising Z and Lil C said...

I have been so addicted to Pepsi this pregnancy!! Coffee was making me sick so I have one baby can of Pepsi (okay sometimes a 20 oz bottle, the baby likes it) a day. Ring of Fire was the last song played at my wedding ;) Great List!!

BJ_Mama said...

Love that Pepsi photo....DIE COKE DIE!!!

Rock, Paper, Scissors said...

I totally listened to Mr. Roboto this very day.

Foursons said... twice? Why the heck didn't I think of that?!

And if I don't get caffeine every day I get a headache. It's horrible.

Lani said...

I totally concur with this list:)

Please stop by the Blog For A Cure blog party at! Great way to gain readers, win some prizes and support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

Lisa Anne said...

I admit it I've already put up my halloween decorations and I do all my xmas shopping including decorating my tree the day after Thanksgiving. I have no patience.

Good to see know you about the Monday night game. I just placed the poll up so you can go and vote.