You Make me Live

You're my best friend
Prompt courtesy of Mama Kat.
Song stuck in my head courtesy of Queen!

It was along time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Ok, really I was 7. Not that long ago because I'm not that old! My parents had recently gotten married and we had moved to a new house. Being new to the town, I knew no one. Playing outside one day I saw this girl who looked about my age zooming up and down the street on her bike. Zooming might be an understatement. Of course I say this because at the time I had no idea how to even ride a 2-wheeler bike! So anyone who could ride one was fast in my eyes!

I honestly don't remember who approached who first, but one day we introduced ourselves and we've been inseparable since! To this day we are think as thieves! There have been good times and bad times, but mostly good. We've worked at a few jobs together....good times! Not the jobs - those sucked, but we knew how to make the day go faster. We have so many inside jokes it's not even funny. I'd let you in on them, but you probably won't understand. We've learned that most people have no clue what we're talking about. But we get it and we have a blast so we don't really care what others think!

My bestest friend in the whole wide world is on the left

That picture is from one of the many, many concerts we have been to together. I think I lost count on how many, but they were all awesome!!!

concert we are again.
Same good times, different concert.

We must like those red cups.

Or at least what's in them!

Now I know this is supposed to be about how I met my best friend, but in reality I have 2 best friends. The other BFF would be my husband. Ya I know, it's kinda mushy and please, please, PLEASE!!!! Don't tell him I called him my BFF!!! I don't think he'd like that very much.

So here's the abridged version of how we met.....

concert wedding

14 years ago when we were in high school, we were both part of the stage crew. FYI - we were the people who built the sets for high school shows and made the whole thing run as it should. Anyway, we seemed to get along. We liked hanging out and he used to tease the hell out of me. Still does as a matter fact!

Anyways, at the time we were both pretty shy. We knew we wanted to ask the other out for a date, but was too afraid to actually do it. Thank goodness for a not-so-shy mutual friend of ours. She pretty much forced us to make a date for a school dance. We dated for 6 years. We finally decided to get married and we are now coming up on our 8th anniversary in a few weeks. I'm sure I'll blog more about "us" closer to our anniversary. I'll probably get all mushy and sweet, so consider yourself forewarned if you stop by and read that day!

I'd like to think I'm pretty darn lucky to have 2 best friends. They have both been there for me when I needed them, whether it be for a laugh or for a shoulder to cry on. Or apparently for a drink if you took a good look at the first set of pictures! They helped make me who I am today and I don't what I would do without either one of them.

Until next time....


Anonymous said...

when a boy teases the hell out of you its a sure sign it is love;)

very sweet story..

Allison said...

Congrats on your 8th anniversary! We just celebrated ours a couple of days ago!

That's so sweet that you are high school sweethearts!

The Royal Family said...

bf's are the best

the buzz,

Lisa Anne said...

The BF and my son are my best friends. I've never been to close with other girls.

I just saw that your friend has cancer. I will pray. I've known to many people with cancer including my MOm. I feel for her and her friends and family. Try to stay positive. It's BEATABLE!! My mom beat it so can your friend!!

classroom fundraiser said...

What a happy positive post, thanks! Love the pictures as well you all look so happy and fun ;)

Happy Friday to you from a fella SITS friend


Thank you for stopping by the other day when I was SITS featured blogger!

Allison said...

I know I already commented but I wanted to let you know that I gave you an award. You can stop by my blog to get it. Thanks!

Widge said...

Besties are fab! I have 3. ! husband and 2 best girlfriends who I dream of growing old with just as much as i do with my husband. Love them all too bits.
lovely post!

Melanie said...

Hi, love your best friend stories. Wish I had a best friend since I was 7. That is great. I agree though that my husband is also my BFF, but don't tell him either. :) Love that you and your husband met building theater sets. Were you in HS? My son is a theater kid, sometimes in the plays, but currently working on the crew helping with costumes. Very fun.

Happy SITS Saturday.

Cynthia said...

Long term best friends are so great...I always love how you can talk in short hand to each other. And to have your husband also be your best friend...well that is plain joy. Good for you.