Whispers in the Night

Here's what I've learned about a 4 year old boy...

1. Potty training takes you down a L-O-N-G road
with many bumps along the way

2. If he doesn't use the bathroom before I go to bed
there WILL be an accident somewhere through the night.

Thankfully, Mike is potty trained as of a few months ago (yay!!!), but like #2 states, if I don't take him before I go to bed, there will be extra laundry for me in the morning. And I already have enough laundry, thank you very much!

See what I mean?!

Forget beds.

There's so much laundry to do here

that he sleeps on it!

We go through the same conversation every night. I don't know how much of a conversation it really is because he's not much of a participant in the whole production. And trust me, this IS production!

Me - Mike! Wake up and go potty. *gently rubs his back*

Him - rubs his eyes and hides under numerous blankets

Me - Mike....Mike....MICHAEL!!! WAKE UP!!!

He rolls out of bed, onto the floor, and stumbles into the bathroom.

I help him with his pants because he's not coherent enough to do it himself. Can you blame him?

Me - Ok, go potty. The faster you go, the faster you can go back to bed. You want to go back to sleep, right?

*Groggy nod*

Me - Ok, go then. Quit rubbing your eyes. Stop scratching your legs. Sit down. Sit back. WAIT!!! STOP STOP STOP!!! You need to go IN the potty, not on the floor!

*runs to get paper towels*

After he finally does his business, I have to help him with his pants because, again, he is still not very coherent.

Me - Ok, back to bed. No wait!! Not downstairs, bed!

*leads him back towards his bed continuing to say*

Not downstairs, BED! No, this way. Turn around. Bed, bed, BED!
! It's not time to wake up yet!

It's really quite comical. At least I think so anyway. It's like trying to lead a blind and deaf man to where they need to be. And throw in some drunkenness while you're at it! He is quite wobbly when not fully awake. Maybe I should video tape this and send it to America's Funniest Home Videos. Is that show even still on?

Hmmm...come to think of it, he's rather clumsy when he IS awake. Is there something I should know about here?!?

Off to look for secret hidden stashes!

Until next time....

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