My broken heart

My heart has been broken.

Scatter into a million pieces.

Can a broken heart ever be truly mended?

broken heart

He professed his love for me - made me feel like he really cared

He sang me songs meant only for me

Handmade gifts were an everyday occurrence

No more will I receive such gifts

He has moved on

My newly 5 year old little boy has moved onto another woman!

One of my closest friends at that!

She wined and dined him at one of his favorite places - a carnival. She made him smile, she made him laugh. Before they went their separate ways, he hugged her. Hugged her like he used to hug me. Then he said the words that shattered my tender heart - I love you and I want to marry you.

Will he ever really mean it when he says those words to me now?

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The Modern Day Spy





Modern day spy

Modern day spy

Up to no good

Modern day spy

Modern day spy


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Hospitals and pirates

5 years ago I was sitting in the best place possible - the hospital.

Most people try to avoid the hospital, but it was a billion and 1 degrees outside and our house didn't, and still doesn't, have AC.

hot as hell

Adding to the billion and 1 degree jungle outside, I was also 9 months pregnant and huge! I had no idea my ladybug tattoo belly could get that big. And my feet... let's just be thankful for sandals, shall we! Not only could I not see my feet, they no longer fit into 99% of the shoes I owned!

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I was in the hospital for a good reason.

5 years ago today I gave birth to an 8lb, 5oz terror baby boy.

These past 5 years have been full of tears on my part and laughs on his part for all the crazy stunts he has pulled! Quite frankly we all need to be thankful that he has made it to birthday #5! But I love him all the same!

His family party was this past Saturday. When it came time to open his gifts, my rambunctious little boy clammed up. He loves to show off, but on his terms. Telling him he had to do something in front of a bunch of people was like pulling teeth. GG and my mom helped him with his first gift...

Happy birthday

per request of my mom
I ever so nicely did some editing.

Had I realized that this present in particular
contained not 1, but 2 Nerf guns,
I wouldn't have made such a promise!

After gently opening 1 or 2 gifts, Little Dude quickly caught on and all hell broke loose. Paper everywhere, cards strew about the living room, and a brand spanking pile of new toys!

Like most parties, cake follows presents. And that's just what happened this night. Little Dude chose a cookie cake earlier in the day. I also took him to the party store for some supplies.


Notice the pirate candles?
How awesome are those?!?

Make a wish Little Dude!

The whole hell breaking loose only continued after cake and ice cream were consumed. I do believe my brother and the garden hose had a role in that as well. Damn him!!

It really is a miracle this little boy hasn't induced more hospital stays. He has his moments, but he really is a good kid. But if I had to pick one work to describe him, it would be fearless! Hopefully Little Dude's wish was to survive another month! One more month and then he starts the big K.


In other words, no longer my problem!!! Someone else can handle trying to tame the beast!

Happy birthday, Little Dude!
Or should I say Big Dude!

Until next time....

New Shoes? Perhaps not

It's going to be a long, hot and busy weekend! Heck, it's already hot! I'm really not a fan of being gross and sweaty before 11am, but we're heading to the pool after lunch. I can tolerate this a little more. It will make jumping in that water feel oh so much better!

Tomorrow night is when we are having the family party for Little Dude's birthday. He's not turning 5 until next Tuesday, but it's easier to get everyone together on the weekends. I can't believe he's going to be 5!!!

Speaking of birthdays, I realized last night that I have been blogging here for over a year! I had planned on doing a big post on it, too - throwing in some music, decorating the place, but no! Genius me up and forgot the date! Oops!

Happy blogoversary to me. Better late than never, right?

I suppose I could have picked myself up something at the store to celebrate last night, but instead the husband and I focused on stuff for the boy. Due to presents the husband has picked out in years past, I was a little nervous. We already have a 2ft tall T-Rex and a dump truck big enough for Little Dude to ride in, even at almost 5 years old! What crazy bog toy would he choose this year?!

Luckily I was spared the big toy, As an added bonus I don't have to play with what the husband picked out. My brain turns to much when I see a Transformer, especially one that's rated a 5 on a scale of 1-6 for difficulty. That's a daddy toy!


There were 2 things on my list to get that Little Dude really wants. One was a jackhammer. Shot me now, but I did find one. Yes, it makes noise!

I also wanted to get him new Steeler Crocs.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Dicks is the only place I have ever seen them, so off to Dicks we went! We searched high and low until I finally got the bright idea to ask someone where they were. Here's what I was told...

We used to have them. We won't have any in stock until football season, probably closer to December.

Really, who buys Crocs in December in Pittsburgh? I suppose I could buy the lined ones, but I can never find a size that fits either kid! Maybe what I should do is go to Dicks website and see if there's any on clearance there. I just have to remember to enter "Dicks Sporting Goods". If I don't include the sporting goods part, well, it's not pretty! Just take my word on that.

I suppose if all else fails, one of us can go back to the store and buy some Light Sabers that the husband was eyeing up. That's asking for trouble, isn't it?

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Corruption or a teachable moment

Wednesday was payday. Awesome! Not only does that mean we have money, it also means I don't have to cook.

We were on our way home from getting the husband from work. Him and I were discussing what we should get for dinner. We had talked about pizza, but I wanted to make sure that's what we were doing.

He starts explaining what he had for lunch and why he wasn't all that hungry for dinner.

Husband - "I didn't have breakfast and I was starving. I figured it's payday so why not go out to lunch."

Me - "I hate when you don't eat breakfast! Whadjew you have for lunch?"
(possible burgh-ese? maybe!)

Husband - "A damn burrito."

GG - "Daddy? What's a damn burrito?"

What else could we do but laugh?! Then common sense kicked in and he explained what he had said.

Husband - "I had a burrito for lunch. But the word I said before that isn't a nice word and you really shouldn't say it."

GG - "Oh, the 'D' word? Don't say it Daddy. Little Dude already says that all the time!"


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It's Like Where's Waldo

Standing outside

I hear a buzz

Pesky bumble bees!

I turn to shoo it away

A bumble bee it is not

A hummingbird I have found!

We have lived in this house for close to 9 years. Not once have any of us seen a hummingbird around here. The only time we see them is when we drive 2 hours away up into the mountains to visit family.

It's like Where's Waldo!

Can you find it?

Where's Waldo

How about now?
Its little and brown

Where's Waldo

Ah! There it is!
Admiring my Impatients that are growing like a wildfire!


(two toned brown guy just below the flowers)

ps. If you click on the images, you can view them bigger! Don't worry, a new window opens so you won't lose me!

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Bow Chicka Wow Wow

Bow chicka wow wow


Bow chicka wow wow

Sing all day

Bow chicka wow wow


Post-it note Tuesday

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The Greatest Playground Ever!!!

I know it's late in the day to blog, but I just to share our awesome playground experience.

Playground doesn't even begin to describe this place. This was the playground castle of all castles! I kept trying to take pictures of my kids running around, but I couldn't keep up with them.

This is the only picture I could find online. Sorry it's so small and does the playground absolutely no justice. Just so you know, this picture only shows the front half.


There was a smaller version for little kids, but Little Dude wanted nothing to do with that. He's a big kid, ya know! Him and GG were playing hide and seek. Honest to goodness it took them at least 10 minutes to find each other. Yes, that's how big and twisty this place is.

There's also little sprinklers for kids to run through. Had I known this, I would have put their suits on instead of taking them home with wet shorts. Had I also known there was a snack bar, I would have brought money, too! I'm telling you this place had it all. Even staff members keeping an eye out to make sure all the kids are safe!

In the back behind the castle there are 4 tennis courts. I am no where near an expert on these things. I'm lucky to hit the ball sometimes! But the courts looked to be in pretty good condition. I'm trying to talk the husband into going out there to play sometime. He's trying to teach me and the kids to play. I'm thinking when they get tired, we can send them to the castle and him and I can hit.

The absolute best part of our time there... no fighting. The castle is so big that my kids can stay far enough apart to not drive each other nuts. That made me very happy!

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Living in Denial

I've been doing some thinking this week. I've come to realize that I am the best mommy out there. I have the perfect kids and everything that surrounds us is perfect. Life is just grand!

Let me explain why I am the perfect mom...

~I give my kids snacks. The healthy ones, like Oreo Cakesters. Hey, they're the 100 calorie ones. That has to count for something, right?!

~I am very good at predicting the weather. I have mastered this skill so I can plan my day accordingly. For example, today it was supposed to rain. I had no desire to be stuck at the pool with my midgets while it rained. And besides that, I was really tired from swimming the past few days and my skin is starting to dry out from the chlorine. Every parent tells their kid little white lies, right?!

~I do laundry more than I care to admit. I love when my kids look all spiffy in their clean clothes. But washing the clothes is about as far as I get. If you want to wear your clean underwear, go downstairs and get them please.

~I used to have a job where the pay was in the paper form. I knew exactly how to balance work and kids. What you do is give your kids Tylenol in the morning before you leave. Hopefully you can get at least a half day of work in before their fever returns and you have to pick them up and go home.

~Cartoons can be very educational. Although that does depend on which child has control of the remote at the moment. But whatever they decide to watch, I'm sure has some educational value in it. And it gives me some peace and quiet. See! It's a win win situation!

~Taking my oldest to see her then BFF, Elmo was one of the best things I have ever done. I bought floor seats, 2 rows from the stage. I was being the best mom ever! It didn't matter that she wasn't feeling up to par. I just referred back to the day care rule. A little Tylenol accompanied by a few favorite snacks and all was good. Except she was a cranky mess through the whole thing. Don't worry, karma came back to bite me for that one. She doesn't remember a thing about her visit to Elmo's World!

You didn't think I was serious about thinking that I am the perfect mom, did you? In reality, I think I've been in denial all week. I am finally standing up tall and admitting that I am NOT mommy of the year!

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There's nothing better

Than watching a boy enjoy his ice cream

Especially Purple Dinosaur ice cream!

Messy ice cream

It was so good he needed a cone, bowl, and spoon

What a mess

Elbow deep in ice cream

What a mess

But with that smile
I wouldn't have it any other way!

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Food Fight


Food fight

Food fight


Oi! Today isn't starting out much better than yesterday!

Please tell me there's hope for the rest of the week?

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