Social Media Introvert


Some people think those people are rude, but really, it's the opposite. I'm an introvert. I love people, but most days, I need a break. I need to retreat back into my bubble and regroup before stepping back out to face the world. You would think interacting with people from behind the comfort of a computer screen would make it easier. But I'm finding that's not always the case. And that's sometimes a problem.

You see, being online is a part of my job. If you haven't looked over on the right side of my little blog, you should. Over there you'll see a little snippet of my Etsy shop, Cuppa Stitches. Part of having that little shop is promoting it. If you don't promote, no one knows about it and my shop goes nowhere. I do use Instagram (@evonneu) to share what I'm working on.

Usually I push pictures like this on over to Twitter.

I also have a business page for my shop on Facebook. And that my friend is where I run into the problems. I try to post and be active but everything I post comes across as an ad. At least to me. I love interacting with people. Sometimes it is easier to do from behind a screen. Sometimes I can't figure out what to say.

I'll share links to new additions to my shop


I've shared funny pictures related to crafting and crocheting.

But where do I go from there?

For anyone who wants to run an online business.....

This shit ain't easy! It's fun. I absolutely love what I do. I am so very thankful for the people I have met along the way and the sales that I continue to get. But man, it's not always sunshine and rainbows!

Maybe I need to make some sunshine and rainbows. But I also need to focus on this social media stuff.

Tips are always welcome.

PS. I apologize if this post sounds like an ad. That wasn't my intention.

PPS. The above statement may not be completely true. But I honestly do need to work on my social skills. Online and off.

Until next time...

She is Not Seventeen

A few months ago, my daughter turned the big 1-3. Becoming a teenager is kind of a big deal. She got a new computer and for the first time ever, a friend was allowed to spend the night. I wasn't ready to deal with the fact that I had a teenager, but it is what it is and we made a big deal out of it. Another things I wasn't ready to deal with was a present from a family member.

I guess because my daughter's age now has the word "teen" in it, it seemed like a good idea to this person to get her a subscription to Seventeen magazine. To say I was annoyed was an understatement. That was one of the magazines I would occasionally read as a teenager myself. I knew much hadn't changed as far as content through the years so I knew right off the bat after hearing the news that this was not a magazine for my daughter.

My girl's idea of fashion is jeans and a flannel shirt over her favorite tee. She doesn't fix her hair and has no desire to wear make-up. I was annoyed because it felt like a wasted gift. Not much within those pages would interest her.

So far, she has received three magazines in the mail. I flipped through the first one she got. Partly out of curiosity and I also wanted to know what my 13 year old was reading. Most of it was fashion and makeup how to's. Sher might read through, she might not. Than I came across this.....

Look closely. Those bottoms are marketed as shorts. SHORTS!!!

As a friend of mine said when I shared this lovely bit on Facebook, "In the immortal words of Bart Simpson: "Eat my shorts"... Sadly, you would be left terribly hungry." I gave that month's magazine to my daughter, who also laughed at the "shorts".

The next month it wasn't too bad. Again, fashion, make-up and a few other things she doesn't care about. She said she would flip through the magazine (out of respect for the gift giver?) but probably wouldn't read much. This month? that magazine is going straight in the trash.

This article wasn't the first to jump out at me until the husband said something. "I hope she dumped his sorry ass"

Well, I hope so, too, but looking at these bright red bold words in the middle of the page, I wasn't so sure.

She did, btw

The article that DID jump out at me was this one...

First of all, when it comes to Spring Break, the only thing my daughter cares about is staying up late and sleeping in because she doesn't have to go to school. Also, I'm not sure that 17 is a good age to let your kids go on a Spring Break trip. Especially after reading these confessions. Hot tub hook-ups, shower make out sessions... need I go on?

How is this magazine appropriate for a 13 year old? Hell, I'm not even sure ANY girl should read it! Looks like I'll be adding to the recycling bin for the next 9 months of this subscription.

Has your child ever received a gift that did nothing but infuriate you?

Until next time...

'Tis the Season

To be stressed out!

This time of year is always stressful. I don't care who you are. It's true. But these past few weeks have been nothing short of an emotional roller coaster.

I've talked about my Etsy shop before (Cuppa Stitches, in case you didn't know ;-) ). I was hoping for some sales in my shop this holiday season. I've come a long way since I first opened but I know that my shop is small potatoes compared to so many others out there. Etsy has forums for sellers and buyers. I keep reading about this so called "Christmas rush". No way my little shop will get hit with a rush, but a few sales would be nice.

At least that's what I thought.

The summer was a bit dry as far as sales, but things were starting to pick back up. And then Black Friday came, followed by Cyber Monday (Week? I really don't know what to think of or call these shopping days anymore!). I've lost track of how many bearded beanie hats I've made in the past two weeks. I know that number is in the double digits. If you want me to go in and count, it might send me into panic mode. I have more than one open order which has never happened since these past two weeks and I'm freaking out a bit. I'm right on track for making and shipping things out on time but knowing what I need to make and how many things is another story. If I don't make my list of what to make and by when, I start panicking, just like some do on that first drop of the roller coaster.

I ended last year with 7 total sales in my shop and as of yesterday, I hit the ever impressive 100. At least to me. I'm so proud of how far I've come and all I've done, but I can't celebrate until the last open order I have is complete. Or at least down to one.

A few other things have happened lately that have only added to that emotional roller coaster, but you'll have to wait until another day for me to share. I promise I'll share before week's end. I flew off the handle and only just calmed back down. If I bring those emotions back to the surface, I'll never get these orders done correctly.

Until next time...

Learn. Develop. Succeed! with Jump Start Sports Youth Programs

It's the end of August and summer is winding down! NOW is the time to get those kids registered for their favorite Fall sport!. Over the summer my son participated in the Jump Start Sports Deck hockey program. He loved it so much that we are signing him up to play again this Fall. Not only did he love it, but he learned so much. During practices he took what he learned and put those skills to the test. He has also used some of those skills when playing sports at home with his friends.

From Jump Start Sports:

Jump Start Sports provides children with a foundation for growth and nurture their love of sports.  Through sports we teach character and life skills that lead to happiness and success.

Our recreational based camps, leagues, and programs teach fundamentals and values to children of all ages. Our programs are fun and well organized.

You can read more about their awesome programs HERE!

Unique sports camps for children ages 4 – 12. Jump Start Sports Camps are fun-oriented and highly instructional for the novice while more advanced players will learn more advanced concepts and will be coached at their ability and level of understanding. The relaxed and nurturing atmosphere enables children to learn, grow, make friends, and have a meaningful summer experience. Sports offered include baseball, basketball, football, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, volleyball and more! These sports vary by area. Learn. Develop. Succeed! 

Preschool Sports Programs

Children ages 3 – 6 have a blast learning the fundamentals of sports from trained staff coaches (NOT coached by parents of participants). Players are put on teams and play games so that the children learn teamwork, game concepts, and sportsmanship. The first half of the classes focus on skill development using terminology and fun drills designed to teach these concepts to such young children. Programs offered include Hummingbirds Soccer, T-Birds T-Ball, Rookie League Coach Pitch Baseball, Little Hoop Stars Basketball, Mini-Mites Flag Football, and Deck Hockey. These programs provide a special experience for the whole family while children gain an appreciation of sports, specific knowledge and skill, an appreciation of team, and a boost in confidence. 

Youth Sports Programs

Children of all experience and skill levels improve fundamentals and learn about new sports in these fun oriented programs led by trained staff coaches (NOT coached by parents of participants). Players meet one day a week and are taught skills and fundamentals they will need to succeed in more competitive programs. Then they practice what they have learned in games that teach game concepts, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Sports offered include Introductory Lacrosse, Flag Football, Fall Baseball, Hoop Stars Basketball, Deck Hockey, Beginner/Intermediate Tennis, and Introductory Volleyball.   

Pittsburgh Area Locations:
Ohio Township
Penn Hills

Find out more at or email us at 
Follow them on Twitter @JSSPittsburgh and Facebook - Jump Start Sports Pittsburgh

Jump Start Sports offers currently offers programs in PA, OH, MI and NC.

If you decide to sign your child(ren) up for one of their programs, let them know you heard about the program right here on my blog.

Until next time...

The Countdown is On!

Dear mom at the playground,

It was nice speaking to you while our sons were at practice. We haven't spoken since the end of last school year and I'm not sure I would consider us friends as we don't know much about one another, but adult conversations are always welcome. What wasn't nice was your judging of my emotions. You didn't have to say anything, and you didn't, but your look was enough.

You see, I've known for quite some time when the first day of school is. And I'm excited. Your judge-y look made it seem like I don't care about my kids. Just so you know, it's quite the opposite. I love spending summer break with my kids. We had so much fun going to parks and zoos. Playing a round of mini-golf at a newly opened center was fantastic and finding a new place for smoothies and coffee was the piece de resistance.

But it's time for a change.

As much as we all love sleeping in until the crack of noon, especially my almost-teenage daughter (wtf?!?), the morning routines of the school year need to make a return. Our fun, care-free schedule is getting a tad old. And the kids are really starting to miss some of their friends. Even though they would never admit it, I think my kids might also like school as well.

Oh, and I'd like to clean my house and have it stay clean for more than 15 minutes.

So mom at the playground, while you might be dreading that first day, I am counting down. Don't worry, I won't post any pictures of me celebrating on Facebook. Not only do I not like being in pictures, but no one needs to see my bed head and pajamas. Instead I'll enjoy another cup of coffee with my radio turned up because I won't have to worry about disturbing any one's slumber.

Until next time...