My 4 Hour Escapade

*Disclaimer ~ No one was harmed during this time span. All kids and husband are accounted for*

James Patterson

James Patterson

Chocolate chip cookies


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Schedule Change

For the 335 10 of you looking for another installment of the Lego Chronicles, I'm sorry.

Schedule change

In the beginning the husband and GG were building faster that I could post. But we have seem to catch up with each other. This past week there was no work done on the Lego house. Wednesdays and Saturdays are the typical building days. The husband was sick in the beginning of the week and Saturday the 4 of us went to play some tennis.

I'm not even begin to tell you how sore I still am!

But don't go! I do have something else to tell you!

I went somewhere last week. That somewhere was a prom over at the Mommyologists place! The Mom Sexy Prom to be exact. I dug deep into the abyss that is my closet and found a dress that I love, but somehow forgot I had. I paired it with my favorite pair of black shoes and...



Need a close-up of the shoes? I thought so...

do me shoes

This dress and those awesome shoes got me nominated for Prom Queen!!! Woo-hoo!!! I never get nominated for this kind of stuff!

I don't normally ask for much, but I would really appreciate if you stopped over to the Mommyologists post and vote for me.

Purty please?

With sugar on top!

Voting start today and goes until Friday, July 2. You can vote once a day.

If a simple purty please with sugar on top doesn't work, I can do some circus tricks or something.

But please don't make me!


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Just Keep Swimming

Here it's hot
There it's hot
Everywhere it's hot hot

So you know what that means? Pool time!!!

We finally made it to the pool earlier this week. I was expecting the same as last year. GG would go off to the big pool and find a friend. Little Dude would venture into the baby pool and play with the toys. So I brought a book to read when I was done in the pool.

The kids were in the baby pool for maybe 10 minutes when they made a slow bee line to the big pool. Can't run! Last year it took close to 2 months to get Little Dude off of the steps in the big pool. This time, he went right in. He walked back and forth in the shallow end, splashing and sometimes dancing, for an hour and a half! I was so proud of him!

It also meant that I was in the pool for an hour and a half! GG can't really swim, but she knows her boundaries. I feel safe watching her from the sidelines. Little Dude has no fear and doesn't know his boundaries yet.

Swimming Swimming
sorry if the pic quality is bad
these are from my phone

Thursday we took a trip to the pool again. I don't think any feet stepped in the baby pool! At least not the feet of my babies!

Little Dude even went a step further today. I asked him if he wanted to jump in the pool. He said yes!!! He stood on the side, grabbed my hands, and in he went. 15 times in a row! Then suddenly when I wasn't ready, he jumped in on his own!

I'm still not sure if I'm ready for him to grow up, but there is one thing I know for sure. I have never been prouder of my little man than I was at that moment!

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A Real American Hero


My friend called me Tuesday afternoon from Target. We were just chit-chatting like we always do when she asks if either of my kids needed a bathing suit. Little has at least 4, so that's a no. GG has 2. She wasn't with me when I bought them, which means they naturally do not fit.

I asked her how much the suit were and she said 8 bucks. Sign me up! I told her I was packing the kids up and we'd meet her there. She said she snagged one she thought was cute and would show me when we got there. Just call her when we were there. Ah, the beauty of cell phones!

We get there and GG is in heaven! She loves clothes shopping so when I told her to walk around and pick out whatever she liked, I was then proclaimed to be the best mom ever. Well, maybe not, but she was still excited! She finally picked out a pink 2 piece with butterflies. She tried it on and it fit to a T. Score!!!

Now, if you have more than 1 kids, you know that when you get something for one, the other expects something as well.

While GG was trying on her suit, my friend took Little Dude over to look at toys. She needed birthday ideas from him. Assuming I let him make it to 5 next month. It will be tough!

When we met them over by the toys, she pointed out what he said he wanted. He was drooling over some GI Joe mask and sword/missile shooter thing-a-ma-bob.

What I told Little Dude~ you have a birthday coming up. Put it on your list.

What I meant to say~ Are you freakin kidding me? How do you possibly need another toy?! It's not small, it makes noise, and quite frankly, that mask is a little creepy!

And then I saw the price.

Real American Hero

It was on clearance for $3.51

Seriously, how could I NOT buy it for him?!

And now I have my pwn little American Hero!

Real American Hero

Thankfully it's not a loud toy by any means. I keep telling him how cool he looks. GI Joe is an army man and he's so excited that now he's one, too.

What I mean to say~ Quit shooting the missiles at your sister!!!!

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Cheesy Fries and Coasters

Last Saturday we took our annual pilgrimage to Kennywood. Ok, a 20 minute drive to the park isn't really a pilgrimage, but when it takes 2 cars to get everyone there, it is!

It was so hot that day I thought we would melt! We all wore the lightest clothing possible and took a bath inn sunscreen before we left.

Despite the heat, the whole day was just awesome!!!

The kids rode the Little Phantom in Kiddie Land. That thing whips you around like you wouldn't believe!!

Little Phantom

Then the Grandmas took the kids on the Auto Racers.

Look for this little man in a future Nascar race!

Auto racers

My girl will not get her license when she's 16!
She must be trying to steer with her legs or something!

Auto racers

The cars steer themselves, but you have to admit it's comical to see someone put their arms up on a non roller coaster ride!

After Kiddie Land, my brother and I took Little Dude to ride the Plunge. Basically you get in a big boat and go down a big hill. The result... soaking wet. Right down to your underwear! Don't tell Little Dude, but we convinced him the line was too long to go on. The nice thing is, you can stand on the sidelines and get just as wet. The first time we got hit by the mist. On a 90 degree day, it felt sooo nice! Little Dude wanted to do it again. Me, not thinking, placed us a little too close! Oops!

After we cooled down and met back with the rest of the group, we decided it was time to eat. As with most amusement parks, you diet for the day consists of junk. At Kennywood, the junk you must have is Potato Patch fries! Anyone from around here will attest to that!!

Potato Patch

He put a serious dent in those cheesy fries!

GG is like me and decided it was too hot for her to eat, but she was still happy as a clam!


The best part of the day, and maybe why her smile was so big, was creating the best memory.



is my favorite coaster.
The Thunderbolt!

GG is finally tall enough to ride it!

It's an old, rickety caster that jerks you around. Those hills in the pic above are the best because the person on the left gets squished. It was so nice to finally ride with someone smaller than me. I'm tired of doing all the squishing!

Once you board the train and start to move, this is the first sight you see...


GG turned white as a ghost! I wasn't sure she would make it the whole ride (not like you really have a choice once you're on!). By the time we went up the other side of that hill, she screamed

"This is the best ride ever"

the entire rest of the ride!

Little Dude was a tad upset that he wasn't tall enough to ride some of the things his sister could, but we made up for it. He got to shoot ghosts in the haunted mansion, he rode the train, and he went on Garfield's Nightmare (a boat ride). Plus he got his very own bag of cotton candy before we left. And he better appreciate it, too! It was pouring down rain as I stood in line for it! Thankfully the rain held off until we were leaving this year!

Hopefully we can go back again this summer. The new coaster wasn't open yet. I think the bad winter we had pushed their schedule back. This coaster enthusiast NEEDS her fix!!!

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Lego Chronicles - Part 4

If you need to catch up...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

We have finally completed book 1 of the instructions. That mean 50 steps down, but a ton more to go. Remember back in Part 1 I mentioned there were 3 books of instructions for this house?

With the completion of book 1 comes the completion of the base of the house!

Lego house

The patio is finished.

Lego house

Flower pots and all.

Lego house

You can click on the pictures of you want a bigger view.

All that is left to do is the roof. There's a lot of instructions left for just a roof. We'll see how this goes!

Until next time....

Jammin in my Jammies

The kids, not me. If I wasn't in love with the outfit I wore today, I would have thrown my jammies on, too.

The actually is a reason why my kids had their jammies on by 6:30 last night. Our library brought back one of our favorite story times - Jammie Jammin Story time. Kids don their PJs, grab an animal, and head to the library for stories, songs, and a snack.

I used to love this when the kids were really little. All I had to do when we got home was throw them in bed. I would even go as far as giving them baths before we left for the library!

GG threw on her pretty pink flower jammies and grabbed her mini camo bear from Build-a-Bear. Little Dude threw on his pirate jammies and grabbed his Webkinz Jr bear dressed in an army outfit from Build-a-Bear. By the way, that outfit was not meant for this bear. His drawers keep sagging!

I quickly realized as soon as we walked into the Community Room that GG would be bored out of her ever lovin mind! 4 year old Little Dude was the oldest one in the room at the moment. Thank goodness I downloaded some good apps on my phone for the kids to play with.

Little Dude, however, had a blast. He didn't sing along to the songs or do the motions, but he never does. He did pay attention to every single word from each of the stories. And towards the end he did something that completely melted me!

Excluding out of town family that we rarely see, he is the baby of the family. I've discovered that he has no idea what to do with a baby. He almost acts as if he's afraid of babies. Last night I saw a whole other side of him that was just too cute!

A little boy was crawling around the room. He crawled up to Little Dude and sat next to him. Little Dude took his bear, held it up and made it wave to the little boy. As he made it wave, I could hear this teeny voice. He was pretending the bear was saying hi to the boy.

It was definitely a Kodak moment.

I wonder if I can use Little Dude's love of babies in my favor?!

Kidding! I wouldn't do that!

Until next time....

Catastrophes Avoided

Yesterday the kids had their pictures taken. We were way over due for it! I can finally have a new picture of my babies hanging in the dining room. The 8x10 currently in that frame is an old one. Little Dude is barely a year old, which would make GG almost 5. They are now almost 5 and 8.

I don't know how but we averted any major catastrophes pre-picture taking. Who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to have swivel bar stool chairs in the waiting room?! Kids are drawn to those light a fly is to a lamp! And of course kids can't just sit on them. They have to see who can spin faster, which leads to dizziness, which leads to mom having a panic attack and praying that neither falls and smacks their head off the table. GG most like would have hit the back of her head. That's not good, but can be hidden. Little Dude would have hit smack dab in the middle of his face. Because that's how he is.

While disasters pre-pictures were avoided, post-picture is another story! I realized last night that we were lacking in the food department. Little Dude wanted to come to the store with me so he could play in the "classroom", as he calls it. It's the baby sitting room - best thing invented. Ever!!!

I had asked GG to return the step stool to the kitchen. She picked it up as Little Dude was walking towards the front door. The corner of the stool caught him right below his eyebrow! I know it hurt from the sound of his cry, but he's ok. He does however have a lovely mark to show for it.

Steelers helmet

Why won't anyone let me buy him a helmet?!? Every year I see this at Target. We could just pretend he loves football and refuses to take it off.

On a side note, my MIL has the pictures and as soon as I get my share, I will post some pics on here. She paid for them, so I guess it's only fair she gets first dibs on what she needs.

<--- Awesome blog! Check it out!

Until next time....

Say Cheese!

I'm a bad mom when it comes to certain things. I yell, I forget things, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about pictures.

I take pictures of my kids all the time. And now that I can take them on my new nifty phone, they want me to take even more! In fact, yesterday they made volcanoes in the sandbox and begged me to take a picture of them. When is that ever going to come in handy?!? I bet they already forgot about it!

The pictures that I forget to do are the professional kind. GG gets hers in school every year, thank goodness. Actually her school has photographers come in both the Spring and the Fall. If the Fall picture is good we buy it and don't worry about the next round. If it's bad, we try again in the Spring. It never fails that one of those sessions is absolutely horrible. Her very first school picture looked like she was punched in the face. Obviously we didn't buy that one!

Hopefully no one looks like that today. My MIL works in a day care. A few months ago the Picture People came to do the pictures of the kids. All of the staff and parents who were a no show that day received a coupon. I think it's for a free 8x10 and 20% off a session at the actual store. So guess where we're going today?

The last time Little Dude had a professional picture taken he was 2. I told you I was bad at this!

I hope all goes well today!

Until next time....

Pretty Ladies





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Adult haircut

I had 4 inches cut off. Like I said, that's a lot considering I only get my hair cut once, maybe twice a year. I really need to stay on top of that!

Excuse the mess - I just took my ponytail out. I just wanted to show off my hair. I'll put more effort into it next time. I promise.

Girl's haircutLong or short, I would kill for this little girl's hair!! Poker straight and natural highlights. Her hair is already starting to show some so blond it's almost white streaks. People pay lots of money for that, ya know!!

Anyway, her hair was darn close to her waist!! She wanted it cut up to her ears, but I nixed that! We compromised on just below the shoulders.

Then I had to tick her off again by refusing to buy the purple, pink, and blue hair extensions! They were $10 a pop! Um... no!!!

I figure I'll spray her hair red and blue again for the 4th. The blue washes right out, but the red turns to pink and stays in for months! She almost went back to school last Fall with pink hair!

By the way, I must share her 'tude after her hair cut. I was squirming sitting in the chair watching her in the mirror as she walked back to waiting area. She was flipping her hair over her shoulders as she strutted across the floor!!! That kind of attitude is the complete opposite of me as a child. Sometimes I wonder if it really was a stork that brought her to me!

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Lego Chronicles - Part 3

If you need to catch up...


I started the Lego Chronicles a few weeks after GG and the husband started building. By the time I post the latest pictures, they have already added on to the house. There hasn't been much work done on the Lego house this past weekend due to the husband having a ton of work to do. Deadlines suck! But I can't wait for you to see how far they've come already!

If you look at the pictures in part 2 and compare them to these, you will notice a huge difference. That is because these pictures were taken after 2 weekends of working on the project. Hopefully they can get more done this week so I can post the next part in a week. If they need some motivation, I can always bribe them with something of their choosing. GG will probably want ice cream. The husband - hmm, I wonder what he'll choose?!

Without further ado, I bring you the next chapter of the Lego Chronicles...

Lego houseThis is the view of the front of the house. The door can be opened or closed. The middle window of the bottom opens as well.

There's clear bricks above the door, which I assume will be another window.

Lego houseHere is the patio on the side of the house. The blue and white awning hangs over sliding "glass" doors. Yes, the doors can slide open! There's a picnic table for the Lego family to eat lunch at, which is on top of a pretty stone patio. The black thing on the left of the doors is a pipe to hook a hose to. I don't think there actually is a hose, but with the detail of this thing it wouldn't surprise me!

Lego house

This is the other side of the house. The archway will eventually be part of the front porch. The gray bricks are the outside of the fireplace.

Lego houseFinally we have the inside of the house. There is an archway leading into the living room, where there is a lovely fire in the fireplace. You can see stairs that will soon lead to a second floor.

If you look real close on the inside of the patio doors, you can see orange lights on the wall as well. If you want a closer look, click the image.

That's all I have for now. I hope you enjoyed your tour of case de Lego. I look forward to seeing you back here next week for part 4. Same bat-channel, same bat-time.

Remember bribery? I will be back to give another tour!

Until next time....