Cheesy Fries and Coasters

Last Saturday we took our annual pilgrimage to Kennywood. Ok, a 20 minute drive to the park isn't really a pilgrimage, but when it takes 2 cars to get everyone there, it is!

It was so hot that day I thought we would melt! We all wore the lightest clothing possible and took a bath inn sunscreen before we left.

Despite the heat, the whole day was just awesome!!!

The kids rode the Little Phantom in Kiddie Land. That thing whips you around like you wouldn't believe!!

Little Phantom

Then the Grandmas took the kids on the Auto Racers.

Look for this little man in a future Nascar race!

Auto racers

My girl will not get her license when she's 16!
She must be trying to steer with her legs or something!

Auto racers

The cars steer themselves, but you have to admit it's comical to see someone put their arms up on a non roller coaster ride!

After Kiddie Land, my brother and I took Little Dude to ride the Plunge. Basically you get in a big boat and go down a big hill. The result... soaking wet. Right down to your underwear! Don't tell Little Dude, but we convinced him the line was too long to go on. The nice thing is, you can stand on the sidelines and get just as wet. The first time we got hit by the mist. On a 90 degree day, it felt sooo nice! Little Dude wanted to do it again. Me, not thinking, placed us a little too close! Oops!

After we cooled down and met back with the rest of the group, we decided it was time to eat. As with most amusement parks, you diet for the day consists of junk. At Kennywood, the junk you must have is Potato Patch fries! Anyone from around here will attest to that!!

Potato Patch

He put a serious dent in those cheesy fries!

GG is like me and decided it was too hot for her to eat, but she was still happy as a clam!


The best part of the day, and maybe why her smile was so big, was creating the best memory.



is my favorite coaster.
The Thunderbolt!

GG is finally tall enough to ride it!

It's an old, rickety caster that jerks you around. Those hills in the pic above are the best because the person on the left gets squished. It was so nice to finally ride with someone smaller than me. I'm tired of doing all the squishing!

Once you board the train and start to move, this is the first sight you see...


GG turned white as a ghost! I wasn't sure she would make it the whole ride (not like you really have a choice once you're on!). By the time we went up the other side of that hill, she screamed

"This is the best ride ever"

the entire rest of the ride!

Little Dude was a tad upset that he wasn't tall enough to ride some of the things his sister could, but we made up for it. He got to shoot ghosts in the haunted mansion, he rode the train, and he went on Garfield's Nightmare (a boat ride). Plus he got his very own bag of cotton candy before we left. And he better appreciate it, too! It was pouring down rain as I stood in line for it! Thankfully the rain held off until we were leaving this year!

Hopefully we can go back again this summer. The new coaster wasn't open yet. I think the bad winter we had pushed their schedule back. This coaster enthusiast NEEDS her fix!!!

Until next time....


Oka said...

Can't believe you skipped out of the water ride.

Kmama said...

I hate water rides. Hate them. The water is always stinky and I feel so disgusting afterwards. Blech.

Have you been to Cedar Point in Ohio? I bet it wouldn't be that long of a drive for you. Best coasters ever. We try to go every year.

Steph said...

Yay for Potato Patch fries!!! Glad you had a good time!

We go at the end of the summer each year.:)

I love The Turtle.:) What can I say? I'm old! haha

Adoption of Jane said...

There's something about that Gigi.. everytime I see her pics she makes me smile.

Shell said...

What a fun day! I want some potato patch fries. Mmmmm.

Amy said...

Oh I want those fries.. What a fun time for sure. I am not a coaster person at all..

Unknown said...

That looks like so much fun!!

Ali said...

Look like fun!
Redneck golf a.k.a. Bongo all, lawn golf, lawn toss. A horseshoe type game but with golf balls on strings that you need to toss to get on a bar...

Anonymous said...

I love parks, have ever since I was small....and those fries, omg! yummy

Carolyn said...

I have given you an award! Please check my blog on Friday to see it and all it pertains. Have a wonderful day!

CountessLaurie said...

Oh my, GG's smile is just gorgeous! Love it.