We Are Finally Done!!

Wow have we been busy! Ok, it's more like wow have I been busy!

Last night I had some errands to do after dinner. I needed to go to my home away from home, Target, to buy gifts for my cousins. The one graduated and the other was having a birthday party for her son. I'm not exactly what relation the son of my cousin is to me, but that doesn't matter. I was just excited to go little kid shopping. He turned 1 last week! Happy birthday little man!

While I was at Target I spotted a purple tye-dye dress that I knew GG would absolutely love! I don't buy her dresses and skirts too often because she is all legs. If I can find a skirt to fit her skinny waist, it's usually too short. No mini-skirts in this house! Well, not on her anyway. I decided on the size 10 dress. It looked long enough. When I got hme I discovered it hung way too low on her. So we went abck to the store the enchange it for a smaller size. It doesn't seem to matter if I take the kids shopping with me - Im damned if I do and damed if I don't.

Before we could go to the party today, we had to do the soccer Saturday thing. The kids' last games were today so I wanted to make sure they went. I thought I could save time by putting my make-up on before the game. Then we could run home, change into our dresses, and go to the party. It was so friggin hot this morning it's not even funny! I was sweating in places that one just should not. Most of my make-up slipped right off my face. It was just gross!

GG playing defense

GG taking a pass

I love having such a blondie!
Makes it easy to spot her on the field

Since it was the last game, I couldn't take Little Dude to the party with me. I felt bad that him and the husband had to walk to the field and walk back home in this heat. It's not a far walk by any means, but it was H-O-T!! I think him getting his trophy in the end made it worth it.

Little Dude trying to score a goal last practice.
Camo shirt and brown shorts

Little Dude going after the ball to try & score
He's the one in yellow w/blue shorts

Now if you ll excuse me, I have a ton of work to do around the house. We've been so busy doing things since GG got out of school a few days ago that I haven't been able to do anything around the house.

On Monday I will post part 3 of the Lego Chronicles. If you want to catch up before then, go here for part 1 and here for part 2.

All my new followers from Follow Friday, welcome! I will be around to check out all of your blogs. Please be patient with me - there's a lot of you and I do have things away from the computer that I need to do as well.

Until next time....


Oka said...

I am so happy that soccer is over for the summer. It's getting way too hot. Our regular season for rec league ended around May 22. My 9 year old plays select soccer, and he played his last tournament last weekend. It was HOT!

The dress sounds cute, I'll have to head to target and check it out. Wink

alicia said...

Your life sounds like mine. Luckily soccer is over now. My kids will never like shopping with me though.

Kristin said...

Congrats to both your soccer players.