Lego Chronicles Part 1

Over the past year, Legos have become a big thing in this house. Grandma and Pap still have the big box from the husband's childhood. Last summer they brought it out of hiding in their attic for our midgets to play with. The husband's age decreased by many years as he got down on the floor with them to build all kinds of crazy spaceships and buildings.

Last Christmas, GG's big gift from Grandma and Pap (because I'm surely not crazy enough to buy it) was a Lego house.

Lego creator

GG and the husband talked for months of building this house and last month they finally broke it open.

I'm sure someone saw me tweeting about my lack of interest excitement over this house. You did see, right? I realize I sometimes talk to myself, but please don't make me think I tweet to myself, too! I guess if I do, at least I won't get odd looks from strangers like in the grocery store!

Back to the house...

It turns out this set is actually 3 houses in 1. In other words, you can build 3 different houses with the bricks provided. Let me give you the specs on the house of their choosing...

976 pieces of all shapes, size, and color
2 books of instructions
A total of 103 steps to complete their house

It started with one big green square and a bunch of bags

Bags of Legos

The foundation, pond, and walkway were the first things to do.

Now which of these bags has the tiny 1x1 flats?
Light or dark grey?

Lego path

The building schedule is every Wednesday and Saturday night.
After week 1, we can proudly say...

We have a duck!!!

Lego duck

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week!

Until next time...


The Mommyologist said...

OH man...I feel your Lego pain with putting together those big kits! I've said it before..."My name is Mary and I genuinely fear and distrust Legos."

But the kiddos LOVE them!

Kmama said...

With Buddy, as soon as whatever it is your building is done being built, he wants the "other" version. UGH. That's just one reason why Legos are banned from our house.

Kristin said...

What a cool set! I've always wanted the Lego Hogwart's Train

Shell said...

I would panic at the site of all those legos!

Claremont First Ward said...

I just have two words. Holee. COW.

Liz Mays said...

The first time building the design is the best!