Weekend Wrap-Up

Wow! What a weekend we had!

The kids had their soccer games Saturday morning. At first I thought Mother Nature was no longer pissed at me for complaining about her from November all the way up til the end of March. By noon, I realized I was wrong! Backing up, I knew before I went to bed Friday night that the weather would be gorgeous. GG's game was at 10 and Little Dude's game was at 12. I packed a few snacks and planned on hanging out at the playground between games. Little Dude played with a buddy while I watched my girl's game, which she won, even though no one is supposed to keep score. It was starting to get hot but we felt better once we walked up to the playground. There's a bunch of trees up there and it really didn't feel too bad. I think when we were walking back down to Little Dude's game, we were in fact walking down to the 7th ring of hell. Yes, it was that hot!! Thinking back to the previous 2 games where we were so cold we looked like Smurfs just made me feel even hotter!

I convinced Chris to walk to the field to watch the boy's game. I warned him it was hot but I guess he didn't believe me. It's not like I've ever been known to exaggerate or anything! He had on jeans and a black shirt. Dumbass!

After the games, we came home and ordered pizza. I then had the bright idea to go out and buy some flowers for the yard. Might as well take advantage of the nice weather, right?! The kids like to pick their own flower to grow for the season so I load them up in the car and head to a local store. I probably should have gone to the big name store my brother works at to get a whopping 10% discount, but I just don't like their selection. Sorry, bro! I also had to get more dirt and the only bags this store had were the ridiculously expensive stuff. Again, could have gone to see my brother at work, but there was another store closer. At this point, the kids were hot, tired, and thirsty. Their screaming and crying bickering was getting to the point where I wanted to wreck the car just to make them stop!

Once we all got home, had a snack, and lots of water, we started planting some flowers.

Spring flowers
We only did the pots in the front because at this point I realized my big mistake. Friday afternoon in anticipation of the hot weather to come, I finally gave Little Dude the mohawk he's been begging me for. My big mistake was not buying sunscreen. Every soccer season, I seem to forget the amount of sun we endure while watching the games. Thank goodness GG is like her dad and doesn't burn easily. Me and Little Dude - that's another story! The sides of his head, his cheeks, nose, and his neck were red. Except for the sides of my head because unlike him, I have hair, I looked the same. Can I just say that I looked so ridiculous planting flowers because I changed from a t-shirt into a tank top. Red arms and white shoulders make one look dumb!!!

To round out the day, we had some ice cream sandwiches that I had bought earlier in the day. The husband and GG also did some more work on their Lego house. There are some Lego projects that I will help with, but this is one that I will not touch with a 39 and a half foot pole! There's 976 pieces and 3 books worth of instructions. For 1 house!!!

Lego house
This is what they have so far. I'm taking pictures along the way and if they ever when they finish, I post the whole process.

Whew! And now onto the adventures Sunday brought us!

We went to Grandma and Pap's for an afternoon of watching hockey and a good dinner.

What? Did you really think I could handle 2 jammed packed days in a row? Ya, right!

How was your weekend?

Until next time....


Liz Mays said...

Over here, the annuals are still super expensive! A few weeks after Mother's Day is when they become affordable. However by then the selection stinks!

Oka said...

I had three jammed pack days in a row. All of them centered around soccer. Two of which were in the rain.

Hope you both weren't burnt too bad. We've been pretty lucky this season as of yet.

Kristin said...

Very pretty flowers.

Shell said...

The flowers are pretty! I want spring- why does it always seem to go straight from freezing cold to burning hot?

I would NOT want to have anything to do with that lego house!

Kmama said...

Those flowers are gorgeous!! I am a burner too. I hate being white, but red and painful is worse. LOL

Anonymous said...

soundsa like a crazy fun weekend, I would need a day off to recover, lol

One Photo said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a good weekend escept for the sunburn part. I burn and it's no fun!
Ice cream sammiches sound yummy!

Cyndy Bush said...

Your weekend sounds a lot like ours!