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Meet GG~ my fun loving, spunky 8 year old. And by spunky I mean dictator, my way or the highway kind of sweetie.

Rocking out

She lo-o-o-oves listening to her Barbie mp3 player. It's a bonus for me because then I don't have to listen to Radio Disney Tunes, some Hannah Montana CD and whatever else she has on there. The only problem is, she likes to sing along.

Now don't get all mushy and tell me how sweet it is to hear a kid sing. It's not! She sings her own tunes all the time and they actually are kinda cute, but when you throw in some "real" music and ear pods, buds, or whatever the hell they are called... all bets are off! Sometimes, the cats fighting outside sound better!

And real is in quotes because I don't care what anyone says, that stupid Firefly song is NOT real music!

But other than the singing and bossiness, she is my sweetie. Always helping, except when it's time to clean her room, and she always says the sweetest things to me. They make me feel like I really am doing a good job as a mom.

Meet Little Dude~ my sweet stubborn 4 year old. He can be so sweet and is such a momma's boy.


He lo-o-o-oves learning new things and he's very inquisitive. But notice I called him stubborn. Remember, his sister is bossy. Those 2 things do not, I repeat do NOT go together well!!! Another thing that shows how good of a mom I can be is the fact that I have let him continue to stay here! Stubborn children are oh so much fun sometimes.

I realize I do complain about my kids. They have a love and hate relationship. The love is beautiful to watch. In fact the other day, Little Dude was laying on the couch with GG and she was rubbing his head. She stopped and he looked up at her with a look of "Why did you stop?". I melted!

The hate... well it's just ugly. Thank goodness for ice packs. That's all I have to say about that.

But you would never realize there were hate moments by looking at them. Aren't they so stinkin cute? That's why you should go vote for my babies in parenting BY dummies Beautiful Babies Photo Contest.

GG is number 20

Little Dude is number 21

Voting begins May 17 at 6am
and closes May 21 at midnight EST

Please and thank you!!!

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Anonymous said...

Your kiddos are super cute. Shoot me an email when the contest begins so I can vote for ya.