Silver and Gold
Or Maybe Just Gold

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Last Sunday GG had the honor of helping in her cousin's Gold ceremony.

Gold Award

The Gold Award is the highest award a Girl Scout can receive. A girl, either as an individual or with her troop, must do a special project in order to receive this award. My cousin, with the help of her troop, made 2 quilts that would be mailed to wounded soldiers.

My cousin was asked if she had a sibling or cousin in scouts who would like to help with the ceremony. Her sisters are both older and GG is the cousin who lives the closest.


I dropped GG off Sunday morning. It takes about a half hour to get to their house and then it would take another half hour to get to the hotel they needed to go to. Poor girl spends so much time in the car anymore it's ridiculous! But Sunday - it was worth it!

GG practiced her role before the ceremony with and when it was time for the ceremony, GG was the leader of the flag ceremony. Because she also had to lead the closing ceremony, she was one of the first to eat her lunch. That meant she had time for not 1, but 2 ice cream sundaes. Complete with hot fudge and sprinkles from what I hear!

She brought home a program from the ceremony. Her name is not it in, but she cannot wait to show her troop and tell them all about it. I really hope this experience made an impact on her and someday she, too, will try for her Gold Award.


Until next time....


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome...and such pretty pics;)

Kristin said...

Huge congrats to both GG and her cousin.

Kmama said...

She looks so cute in her little khaki skirt!

What a cool honor!

Brimful Curiosities said...

What a great experience!

Oka said...

What an important job GG had. Your Cousin did an awesome thing. WOW, to great girls from one great family :D

Amy said...

Wow I am so happy and proud of her. Way to go.

Shell said...

My boys fall asleep in the craziest places.

That's great that she got to help! I hadn't heard of a gold award before.