It's the Little Things

The Mommyologist's post for Mom Sexy today couldn't have come at a better time. She talks about little things we, as moms, can do for ourselves that can make us feel sexy. She brings out a very good point that these things should be for us, not for those around us. I think if you feel good about yourself, the people around you pick up on it.

This past week or so I've been doing little things for me. It started with a trip to the mall to buy Little Dude another Webkinz Jr. We walked through a store and I saw a shirt on one of those creepy, headless mannequins. I took one look at this shirt and said, "Hey! I have that same one at home!" From the time I got this shirt last Christmas I thought it was a dress shirt. Since I don't get dolled up and go out too often, I hadn't worn it yet. The shirt was layered over a t-shirt, left unbuttoned, with the sleeves rolled. It's a plaid shirt on the outside,, but the inside pattern has flowers.

The next day I pulled this shirt out of my closet, found my favorite tank top and capris and put the whole thing together. I also decided to pull out my make-up. I have so much make-up because I rarely wear it. I usually end up throwing a lot of it away because it's too old for me to feel comfortable wearing. I've had a bad experience with older make-up so I'm more cautious now. Anyway, I figure I have it so why not wear it. Recently I got some eye shadow from a friend that has 12 colors in it. So many decisions, but I finally went with purple. I pulled out my lip gloss, which I am slowly becoming addicted to and threw some of that on. I even added a necklace and some silver bracelets. My jewelry, with the exception of my wedding rings, is like my make-up ~ I have so much but rarely wear it.

Me me meJust ignore the crap on the floor.
I'm waiting for the husband to bag his stuff to donate
so I can get it all out of the house in one trip

Along with the eye shadow assortment that I bought from a friend, I also bought some new nail polish - Cheery Red. I painted my toes. This is nothing new. I refuse to wear flip flops unless my feet look nice so my toes are always painted, but they needed redone.

tattooI think I just wanted a good excuse
to show off my favorite tattoo!

Since I started this looking nice thing, I've been keeping up with it. Well, for the most part. This humidity is a killer for my hair so I'm still sporting the ever constant ponytail. Baby steps, right?!

Until next time....


The Mommyologist said...

LOVE IT!!! I am the exact same way about my toes! I refuse to wear open-toed shoes if they aren't painted.

And putting on a little bit of makeup helps so much! It is all about the little things. We don't need these big grand gestures to make ourselves feel sexy! Just paying a little extra attention to the way we look helps so much!!

Great post and thanks for linking up!!

Kmama said...

Lookin' good!! Good for you for getting yourself dolled up and feeling good.

Anonymous said...

looking good;)looking good really makes you feel better, doesnt it

angie said...

Such good advice to take time out for yourself. I love your new polish color!

blueviolet said...

It makes a huge difference in the way we feel, doesn't it? You look great and the nails are a very pretty color!

I had a pedi last week and I went with blue polish for a fun change. I'm actually kinda digging it. Maybe next time I'll do green!

Amy said...

Yes, You do look amazing..

Love that outfit and toes...

I think you are doing wonderful..

Shell said...

Lookin' good! :)

I need to remind myself of this- because I fall back so easily to my craptastic slob clothes.

Kristin said...

Love the painted nails and the tat!

As for hair, is yours naturally curly? Mine is so curly it is like having a spiral perm in it. Garnier Fructis makes a fabulous leave in conditioner that lets my hair look like this even on the most humid day.

Elena said...

You look great! I sooo need to go get a pedicure!! I have not worn any of my fun sandals yet!

Cheryl said...

Good for you! Didn't you feel so much better? Living out here in SoCal I wear sandals a LOT, so I get pedis a LOT. Love that outfit too!