Would you care to sign?

We're just a little over a month into Winter and I am sick of it. Thank goodness we haven't had "the big one" like we did last year and I'm sorry for those of you who have had such a travesty. But I think the weather that we are dealing with is just as bad.

We may not have to shovel feet of snow and then be forced to watch it turn into nasty black hills of ice and snow that stick around for months on end, but we have been getting enough to have to do something. The husband and I are tired of cleaning the car. We are tired of clearing the walkways. And I am sick and tired of breaking the damn ice off of our front porch. That's my job because I am the only one home at the warmest part of the day. Those days are still cold as anything, but the sun likes to warm stuff up just enough to cause me grief!

I know there are many of you out there who are dealing with equally crappy weather. Whether it's feet of snow, ice, or just bitter cold, we're all getting tired of it. Right? So I have decided to draw up a petition. If you are ready for Summer, please feel free to sign my petition by way of leaving a comment.

And if Summer gets unbearably hot where you are, I'm sure we could work out a deal to bring on Spring! And if you live where you don't have to deal with this crappy weather, please leave your address in my comments. I will be moving in shortly!


I, the undersigned, do hereby state that I am sick and tired of the Winter weather. I do hereby petition that the following actions be placed into effect immediately.

The snow and ice must hereby cease and desist.
The bitter cold must be replaced by the warmth of the sun.
The snow and ice shall melt making it possible for us to take our children out of the house
Without having to bundle them in 15 layers of clothing
Only to have them turn around and say they have to pee.

Sidewalks shall be clear so walks can be had.
Parks shall be open so excess energy can be expelled.
The sun shall grace us with it's presence til bedtime
So we can keep previously mentioned energetic kids out of the house

Please sign my petition and feel free to leave any other grievances you may have in regards to the Winter weather. Once I figure out who to mail this to, I can hopefully bring on the Summer.

ps. that stupid groundhog better stop by and read this, too, or else him and I are gonna have some issues!

Until next time....

Climbing the stairway to 7

Yes, it's true. We bleed black and gold in this house. The kids and I wear our jerseys for every single game. Along with my jersey I have my Cleveland sucks shirt and my Patriots cheat shirt for when the Steelers play those teams. I also have to wear my red belt and have my Terrible Towel on hand. I may be slightly superstitious. I've also added a Steeler Silly Bandz to my list of what to wear for game day. I've worn it for the playoffs and, well, you see where it got us!

For last weeks AFC Championship game, the kids prepared by coloring pictures that will go in our window sometime this week.

Pittsburgh Steelers

But just when I thought I was a superstitious fanatic, I came across this...

Steelers Superbowl
Steelers inflatables
Don't worry, I took all proper precautions. I stopped my car before clicking away and I made sure the passengers were out of eye sight. By the way, I find it amusing that those passengers were walking into the Steelers store. Obsessed much?








Now who has my tickets and a place for me to stay?

Wordful Wednesday by


Until next time....

Spam inflates my ego

Excluding the porn and medications because I try to keep it family friendly over here

Here is a peek at some of the amusing spam comments left by someone or something, along with my input of course!

I would love to have a guest poster! It really is something I have been considering. But it's really hard to get you to do it, Mr. Spambot, because not only are you anonymous, but you're a no-reply!

Um, thanks? But the post you left this on really didn't have anything informative. Just pictures of my kids playing in the snow. Should I be worried now?

Wow! Thanks! You're really starting to inflate my ego! Damn those search engines! I'm sure trying to get your kids to do chores is a highly sought after subject.

Um, what?

Unless you know something that I don't, there aren't any advertisements on my blog. Perhaps you hit the little resize button up there on the top of your browser? I hear that may resize things, too!

Again, inflating the ego! I love it! Since anonymous is a no-reply, I'll just let everyone in on my little secret as to how I made my current blog look so damn good. The Cutest Blog on the Block. See their ad up there on the top left? Wait, does clicking that resize browsers? Be careful then!

If spammers weren't so good at inflating my ego, I might turn anonymous comments off!

Only Parent Chronicles

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I need to place a call to Webster

It's Friday and thanks to Mother Nature we get another 3 day weekend. You see, today was supposed to be a half day for the kids. Everyone knew the weather was going to suck through the night. Normally this would mean a 2 hour delay. Since dismissal time was supposed to be at 11:10 am, there's really no point in the 10 am start.

My plan, after we all catch up on some sleep, is to send the kids out to play in the snow. I'm sure they'll run around, make a mess, and come in hungry and tired. Like me, they tend to get goofy when they're tired. Maybe by the afternoon I'll catch some crazy things coming from their mouths. Similar to the conversation with Little Dude Thursday night.

We had tacos for dinner (nom nom). We love tacos. We love them to the point I need to start getting the double tacos. No, 12 taco shells are not enough for this 4-person family!

We were done eating but still had yet to clean everything up. Next thing I know Little Dude is in the kitchen. I peek in to see what he's doing. He's licking the remaining taco sauce out of the bowl. Nothing else. Just taco sauce. Nasty!!

He then moves on the the few remaining tomatoes. I finally ask what he thinks he's doing. His answer?

He's nomming!

Perhaps I should call Webster and ask them to add that to their dictionary?

Until next time....

My angels

After what was quite possibly one of the worst shopping experiences ever, we were finally ready to go.

And where do we go once everyone has snow pants and snow boots?

Out in the snow, of course!

Kids playing in the snow

Even though we probably had enough of it, the snow wasn't quite right for making snowmen. But that didn't stop Little Dude and GG from digging, throwing, eating, and finally...

Snow angels

Making snow angels!

Wordful Wednesday by


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Push or pee

Dear Sears,

I admit, I am not one of your biggest fans. I don't really have a valid explanation. You're just not on top of my list of places to shop. In my opinion, your only redeeming quality is that you carry products from Lands End. Lands End shoes are awesome! Just sayin'

Wednesday you made me reconsider using you to fulfill my love of shoes.

Please inform your employees that when I am frantically running through your store, 5 year old in tow, searching for the bathroom, it is not wise to stop me. That is not the moment to try and give me a free sample. When I reply to your pitch with "No, thank you. I just need to get my son to the bathroom!" you need to quit talking. You do not need to follow me down the hallway, continuing with your pitch.

I am not interested in a discount of whatever you are pushing. I do not need a coupon. I do not need a pamphlet with information. If you continue to pitch to me, you will be peed on by a child!

In conclusion, my apologies, Sears, for being rude, but your employee would not stop pushing. I felt I was within my rights to push back. Only my push might have been a little more literal.


I clean up enough after 2 kids on my own turf. I really don't want to mop pee off of your floor!

*disclaimer- no one was actual peed on during the making of this post*

Until next time....

Whirl wind

These past few days have been a whirl wind! Tuesday it snowed and it made all the driving I do quite difficult. That snow also meant that Wednesday and Thursday the schools had a 10am start. Those 10 am starts are nice because we're not so rushed in the morning, but once the kids are in school I turn into the Tasmanian Devil. Those delays mean I have 2 less hours to get stuff done. Add to that the fact that I love to procrastinate and it's just a disaster.

Yesterday was especially crazy because it was my feature day over on SITS. Yay me! I'm quite proud of myself because I think I responded to everyone's lovely comments.

I would like to give a huge thank you to anyone who read my post about wishing for a fast forward button. Losing someone we care about is incredibly hard. The kind words that were left on that post mean a lot to me. Thank you!

If a commenter is a no-reply, there's not much I can do about responding. But if I can get to your blog to return the visit, I definitely will. Just give me some time.

For now I need to figure out what the heck I'm wearing tonight. The husband and I are going to his company work party. It's nothing fancy. Apparently programmers aren't big on the dressing up thing. But I still like to look nice.

This weekend the midgets will finally get the chance to play in the snow. There's enough of it out there that they should be occupied for quite some time (yay!). Keep an eye out next week for some pictures of my snow monsters!

Until next time....

I'm having a party

Today is my big day and I couldn't be more excited!


Yep, that's right!

I'm being featured by the SITS girls!

How awesome is that?

If you're visiting from SITS, welcome. I'm so happy to have you here!

If you are hoping for some kind of introduction of who I am and what I blog about, I have to disappoint you. I am not very good with the "About me" stuff. I will say that I am a mom, a wife, and a woman. I am also a sports fan. Football playoffs are here - consider yourself warned! I mostly blog about my midgets, GG and Little Dude - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I'd love for you to stay a while and have a look around. Everything you need is located in my sidebar over there --->

If you've been here for some time, I greatly appreciate it. No one can understand the true sense of the blog community until you are involved in it.

Old and new, thank you stopping by!

Until next time....

Winter shopping tips

Shopping tips

Snow boots

Trust me!
I think we bought the last pair in kid size.

Snow pants

Snow pants


And buy your daughter snow pants from the boys department.

Shh... don't tell her that!

And one final tip...

Snow pants

Unless digging snow out of your child's shirt and retucking it in every 10 seconds doesn't bother you. Than by all means, buy the pants.

Only Parent Chronicles

Until next time....

Quite possibly the grossest present ever

Christmas presentsThe kids got plenty of these for Christmas.

In fact, there are still some toys I have yet to put away, while others still need batteries.

I think Santa should have put some rechargeable batteries under our tree, but that's beside the point!

While sorting through the last remaining pile o' stuff, I came across what could possibly be one of, if not the grossest present in the history of mankind.

Toy penguin

Yes, it's a penguin. I'm sure you're probably wondering how this can possibly be a gross present. Let me explain...

The top of Sir Penguin's hat flips open and he can be filled with whatever candy your heart desires. What came with this toy are brown jelly beans. The flavor of said jelly beans? I was afraid to ask, let alone taste!

As you can see Sir Penguin also has a scarf. The ends of the scarf trail down his back. One of the ends acts as a lever. When you push said lever....


Pooping penguin

Pooping Penguin!!!

I'm not sure about you but any toy that poops food makes me not want to eat. That must be an adult thing because a 5 year old little boy could care less!

Grossest present ever

And just so you know, apparently Sir Penguin farts out of the poop hole as well. Oh the joys of having a little boy!

Until next time....

Snowmen, stars, and balloons

Happy New Year everyone. Can you believe it's 2011? Crazy right!

Our celebrations were many and each was just as fun as the next.

New Years Eve started off with a trip to Chick Fil-a. At the time I didn't think GG or Little Dude would make it to midnight. They never have before. A countdown to noon party was just what they needed.

We joined everyone in the tri-state area a bunch of other families for food and games. First we started off at the face painting stations where Little Dude chose a snowman (on a 60 degree day, I might add!)


And GG chose a star. She originally wanted a yellow star with a black outline (I am one proud Steeler/Penguin fan mama), but when offered pink, she quickly changed her mind. She's such a girl!


It's really faint, but trust me, there's pink star on her cheek!

Soon after that she played a game of Bingo while Little Dude played in the playroom. That room is pure torture for any parent who chooses to sit in there to watch their kids play. Unfortunately I did have to enter the 7th ring of hell playroom so they could come do the countdown.


It started at 11:59 and when there were 10m seconds left, all of the kids joined in. When we hit 0 the cow pulled the string, balloons dropped, and everyone cheered. How my kids came home with balloons I will never know, but they have been great sources of entertainment this final vacation weekend.

Later that night the husband made the best steaks I have ever had. We had a few drinks while we sat around our make shift campfire roasting marshmallows. We all made it to see the ball drop and ran outside to scream and yell. All in all, it was a good night. And those delicious steaks, that may be the start of a new family tradition!

New Years day started off with some strong coffee (the drinks the night before were quite tasty and abundant) and in the afternoon, the kids and I went bowling with my mom. I was quite impressed that Little Dude bowled not 1, but 2 full games. Other than the one frame where I thought he would break the lane with how he threw the ball, he did pretty well.

I would just like to point out my score for both games combined because I am rather ecstatic about it. It's been a long time since I have bowled!

"E" would be me and that 221 is all mine.

Go me!!!

Bumpers may or may not have been used while bowling ;)

Until next time....