Superhero? No, just a concerned parent

It was late in the morning yesterday. I stepped out the back door and walked around to the front of the house. I was going to check the mail. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a little girl in red across the street. Alone.

People of all ages are constantly walking up and down our hill. I've noticed that many kids are like my own - they run ahead of their parents, but after a few houses they stop to wait. This little girl was looking up and down the street. I assumed she was waiting for an adult who was walking slower to catch up. I sat and watched. Call it motherly instinct.

After a few minutes this little girl in red began to cry. Loud. I walked across the street to ask her if she was ok. Obviously she wasn't, but it would have bothered me if I did nothing. She was looking for her sister. I looked around. Not a soul in sight. I asked her if they were walking and got separated. This was her story...

Her sister left and she was home alone. Wondering where the sister went, this little girl in red let her house and began to walk. I think she panicked when she couldn't find her sister.

I asked her if she wanted to come stand n my driveway while I called a police man to help her. We crossed the street and she had a seat on my front steps. While she was squishing the ants, I asked her a few questions - her name, phone number, and where her house was.

She told me her name and that her house was right down the street. However, I had already called the police and I wasn't walking her to a house when I didn't know who, if anyone, was home. At 7 years old, this little girl did not know her phone number. She said the school knows it and they can call, but her parents didn't want her to know the number and be able to call.

Let me just stop right there and say What The Hell?! Both of my kids knew our phone number and address because of situations like this.

After a few minutes the police man pulls up to my house. Between the 3 of us, we figure out what happened. This little girl of 7 was home alone with one of her sisters, who are 10 and 13. Whoever was watching her left.

I watched the police man drive her to her house, which was not even 2 blocks away. This house must beg for trouble because the last family to occupy it was a piece of work. Right as they were pulling into the driveway I see another little girl running to the house. This girl was no bigger than my own daughter, who is a few months shy of 10. A few minutes pass when the police car drives back up my street with both girls in the back.

I don't know this family and I don't why those young girls were home alone, but I do know I am glad I was able to help the youngest.

Until next time...

Now you are six


On this day six years ago you came into this world. You were an 8 pound, 5 ounce screaming mess, but perfectly healthy. The first few months were rough. I truly believe you were sent to us to teach me the value of patience.

We have both gotten much better, but patience is still something we continue to work on. You are a stubborn little boy, but I know that will serve you well in the future.

You remind me every day to stop and take in the little things. The smallest bug on our front steps or the first bud on our flowers that is starting to bloom. The smile on your face when you see such things is much more than words can express.

You inquisitive nature can be a thing of beauty. At times your endless questions can drive me insane, but it also shows you love to learn.

At six years old, you are still so innocent. I fear that you will see things I do not wish you to see. I cannot protect you forever, but I know you have the ability to hold your own. Your stubbornness means you will stand firm in your beliefs. Your inquisitive nature will lead you to learn more about what do not understand.

I will always be here to guide you through your life, but right now I want to stop and enjoy the little things, just as you do.

I want to smile as you carefully open your gifts. I want to laugh as you eat your cake in typical messy, little boy style. I want to watch the excitement creep over your face as you learn to play your new games.

Michael, you have so many great things ahead of you, but right now, enjoy your birthday. For now you are six.

Happy birthday, Little Dude!

Until next time...

A moment

On the wall to the left of the table where my computer sits, I have pictures hanging.

The top is of GG, a few days after she was born. Below are both of babies, taken last summer.

When I look at those pictures, not only am I reminded of how much love I have for them, I am reminded of how fast time goes. The days were long, but the moments were fleeting. Days like last Friday remind me of just how fast the time flies.

Our grocery store doesn't always carry the brands that I prefer to buy. When I need something they don't have, a grocery trip is usually followed by a trip to Target. This was the case Friday.

I picked up what I needed and I decided to browse the store with the kids. Call me crazy, but I did have a purpose. I needed Little Dude to point out some things he would like for his birthday (which is tomorrow- eek!). I also needed to buy a certain article of clothing for GG.

I have noticed things when she steps out of the bath. Her body is starting to change. Up until Friday it wasn't noticeable when she wore clothes. The tank she decided to wear that day was a little snug. It finally hit home that I needed to buy my baby her first training bra.

It has been quite some time since I have had to buy one of those so I had no idea where they were in the store. By the way, they are NOT with the regular bras. The regular bras that my 5 year old son had to touch. Every.Single.One.

Once we found some that were appropriate, she began to look for one she deemed pretty enough. And by appropriate, I mean not padded. What kind of message are we sending to our 9 year olds by making padded bras in their size?!

She finally found some she liked and we made our way to the checkout.

I am so glad that I was able to share that moment with my daughter. I know some girls who do not have a mom to help them through moments like that. But as proud as I was, I also shed a tear.

My baby is growing up. I am deathly afraid of what the fourth grade will present me with come August.

*If any moms of daughters around this age have some advice, it would be greatly appreciated. I need to know what is coming in the following year so I can be prepared. Mentally and emotionally.

Until next time...

Mom of the year?

I'm linking up with Kmama and Emmy Mom for their Proud Mommy Moments

but to be perfectly honest, I would prefer to call it The Night I Was Awarded Mom of the Year.

While walking through Target last week, Little Dude saw a sign for a movie he wanted to see. I told him I would look into what was in the theaters for him and we would pick a time to go.

Last Saturday I took GG to see the final Harry Potter, which was incredibly awesome! Getting out of the house without Little Dude was rather difficult, but I knew this was definitely a movie I wanted to see before he did. When us girls returned home, I immediately looked up what movies were at the dollar theater that he could see. It worked out perfectly because the sign he pointed out in Target was currently playing at said el-cheapo theater.

The boy and I decided we would go see the movie Monday night. Come Monday Little Dude decided to be extremely difficult. Needless to say, our movie night was pushed back.

Tuesday he was on his best behavior. Well, at least better than Monday. After dinner, the boy and I climbed into our little red car and headed to the theater. Looking back, it's like he knew that Tuesday was the better day to go to the theater - it was dollar day. Not only was it a dollar to buy a ticket, as it is every day, but popcorn and drinks were also a dollar. Score!

We found our seats and waited for the movie to start. Thankfully there weren't many previews because my boy was starting to get impatient. He was so excited when it finally started, but fifteen minutes in I was second guessing our choice of movies. It was definitely not your ordinary kids movie.

Once the lizard found the town where he needed to go and the action started, things were starting to look up. I will admit there were a few scenes with some adult humor, which luckily went flying over his head. But if you really think about it, what cartoon nowadays, outside of PBS Kids, doesn't have some adult humor?

The end of the movie was a little dark. There were a few mentions of "hell" followed by a shootout between the snake and the bats, but the good guys did prevail. New friends were made, everyone was dancing, and the town was back to it's happy self.

Little Dude really enjoyed not only his first movie in the theater, but a night out just him and I. But looking back, was Rango really my best decision when it comes to movies my 5 year old should see?

Until next time...

No sleeves please

Two years ago I got the bright Idea to crochet myself a sweater. It was a stripped sweater and the colors I chose were similar to those specified in the pattern - bright yellow, peacock blue, and a lime green.

At that time I was still inexperienced when it came to crocheting big things, especially things more complicated than a flat blanket. Halfway through making the sweater, I was sick of the colors. By the time I finished all pieces, I didn't even want to wear it anymore. And it also turned out smaller than I planned. Needless to say, that sweater, or the parts of that sweater, are still sitting in the bottom of my craft bin.

Earlier this summer I decided to take another stab at crocheting clothing. This time I chose a tank top. That had to be easier than a sweater, right? And it was. I stitched up the front, and then the back which was identical. All that was left was sewing those two pieces together and adding simple straps. I will say I had to redo the straps because they weren't long enough the first time around, but after my second attempt, I was so proud of my work.

Crocheted tank top

What makes me even prouder of my work is that my tank held up and passed the ultimate test - the washing machine. It actually fits better after I washed it than before.

I have decided that if it doesn't have sleeves, I can make it. That is why I'm hoping my latest project turns out just as well as the tank. I just hope my fingers don't fall off before I'm done!

Until next time...

Phone Fail

Since the middle of last school year, GG has been asking for a cell phone.

"Everyone has one" (didn't work for my mom and it won't work on me!)

I found it hard to believe that every third grader had a cell phone. Every time I turned around it seemed like another third grade parent was complaining about their own child constantly asking for a phone. The husband and I, along with most of those other parents, didn't even bat an eye before saying no.

Did you notice I said "most' of those parents? Apparently some parents have caved. I respect their decision, but that doesn't mean that it will change my mind about buying my 9 year old her own phone. But what it might end up doing is sending me after one parent in particular. The parent who didn't explain any rules about calling her friends.

My children go to by 9. That is early compared to some kids who have the luxury of sleeping in. Just because it's summer vacation doesn't mean we get a break from taking the husband to work every morning. My kids need their sleep or else it gets ugly the next day.

Wednesday night I had put the kids to bed. I came downstairs to blog, Facebook, and work on my never-ending sweater. At 9:30 my phone rang. I don't talk to very many people because I prefer to text and those few people I do talk to have their own ring tones. This ring tone was the one for other people. Ever since I was a child, if someone called after 9 9n the evening, it wasn't a good thing. Naturally I started to freak out. I looked at the caller ID and quickly realized that it was a friend of GG's. Since she was in bed I let it go to voice mail, which her friend failed to leave.

Thursday morning, just after 8, we were walking Little Dude up to the school for his summer camp. My phone rings again. It is GG's friend again. It wasn't a good time to talk since so again, I let it go to voice mail. Which she failed to leave again.

Fast forward two hours - 10 am. My phone rings again. I'm sure you can guess who it was. Again. This time I handed my phone to GG. Her friend was calling to see if GG could join her and her family at a local amusement park over the weekend. I told her no because the day they were going is the day we have dinner plans with my in-laws. I felt bad GG couldn't go, but family comes first.

Twenty minutes later my phone rings yet again. I was outside and didn't even hear it ring. This time she left a message. The first part was a reminder about what to bring to this girl's sleepover tonight. In the rest of the message, this girl explained that they already had an extra ticket. If I changed my mind about allowing GG to go, please call her back. Apparently she thought I was saying no for shits and giggles?

By this point I was highly annoyed. She called after dark, first thing in the morning, and again until someone answered. Mid-afternoon, when I thought I had everything planned out as to what I would say to her dad when I saw him, my phone rings. Again, it's GG's friend. She was trying once again to get me to change my mind. I had GG explain to her that we had family obligations. She still continued to persist.

I was at a loss for words. Not only had she called me more times than I think she should have, she also gave me the pleasure of dealing with a miserable child the rest of the afternoon.

I really hate talking to parents about their child for something negative. I hated it when I worked in day care and I hate it now. Unfortunately, it looks like that is what I have to do.

Until next time...

Brownie Biscuit

I'm sure you're wondering what the hell is a brownie biscuit. It surely isn't food. That would be just a little nasty. Little Dude has a Webkinz Jr. monkey. His name is Brownie Biscuit.

Brownie Biscuit is starting to look a little sad around the edges. His tail no longer curls. He can no longer sit unassisted. He is definitely well loved. So well loved that we have to celebrate his birthday. This little tidbit of information was sprung on my out of nowhere the other day.

Since Little Dude was so excited about his monkey's birthday, I had to get in on it. I told him we would pull out the Easy Bake oven and make some cakes. I would like to point out that is the Easy Bake oven was really "easy', it wouldn't have taken us an hour to bake those cakes!

But in the end it was worth it. And from what I was told, the cakes were really good. I didn't get a bite.

Until next time...

Balls and Cones

Yesterday was yet another hot day. Mother Nature teased us by filling the skies with clouds. I wasn't sure if it would ever rain, but I didn't want to be stuck at the pool if it did. After Little Dude got home from his summer camp, I decided to surprise the kids with mini golf. It is something Little Dude has never and GG probably doesn't remember her last time. She was only three.

They had no idea where we were going until we pulled into the parking lot. Thank goodness the car windows were down or else their shrieks might have cracked them!

I was worried at first. Little Dude is pretty good at hockey an he loves slap shots. I immediately explained that we do not hit the ball hard. I really didn't want to pay for a lost ball. Luckily he took my advice, but I still cringed every time he got ready to swing. Have you ever seen Happy Gilmore? That is the stance Little Dude took when it was his turn to golf.

I admit none of us were very good, so I chose not to keep score. Neither child started a fight. In fact, they happily took turns putting their balls. It was like the Twilight zone!

Completing all 18 holes didn't take nearly as long as I expected so I decided to treat them once again. Before we made the trip to get the husband from work, we stopped at Bruester's for some ice cream.

Little Dude got a dirt sundae, which he did not like because it was crunchy. Although he licked the bowl clean.

GG got a cone with a huge scoop of mint chocolate chip. At first I thought she was really hungry because she was eating it so fast.

Then I got my cone topped with chocolate raspberry truffle (yum!!). I quickly learned that, even in the shade, ice cream melts fast when it's 90 degrees!

I can't tell you how many times each child thanked me. Our summer isn't exactly going as I planned, but if it continues to be full of days like yesterday, I will take it!

Until next time...

Rockin' my babies

My fabulous friend Shell from Things I Can't Say recently hosted a Rockin' the Bump meme. I, unfortunately, did not participate since I am usually the one behind the camera. With how big I was with Little Dude, that was probably a good thing!

Since the event was such a huge success, she has decided to follow up with

Rockin the Baby

Who doesn't love to share baby pictures?!

GG, our first, was born in a rather traumatic fashion. At least for me. Quick delivery would be an understatement! Even though I may have been mentally scarred, she came into the world perfectly fine at just over 7 pounds.

2 months

However, that teeny, perfect sized baby did not last long. At her first doctor appointment at 4 weeks, she weighed in at 12 pounds. And she continued to pack on the rolls as the months went by.

7 months

I have to point out that after seeing a the above picture, a former co-worker honestly thought I put rubber bands on her arms. No, my dear, she was just my not-so-little chunky monkey!

A few years later we added Little Dude to our then family of 3. Thankfully he granted me with a little more time with his delivery, but I still wasn't able to get a damn epidural!

3 weeks

He entered the world just a little over 8 pounds. Because of that I expected to raise another chunky monkey.

Little Dude was such a happy baby. Just as we did with his sister, we had to instill some important values.

6 months

Even though he never acquired the rolls as his sister did, that didn't mean the boy didn't know the proper way to eat a cupcake!

Happy 1st birthday!

If you have pictures to share, head on over and link up with Shell. I just hope you don't have the same problems I did. Little Dude suffers from 2nd child syndrome with his lack of pictures. And baby book, but we don't need to discuss that issue right now, do we?

Until next time...

Red mohawks and a walk

4th of July kidsIf you read yesterday's post, than you already know that the 4th of July is a busy holiday for us.

On the 4th itself, things really get busy. Especially this year.

Of course we all don our red, white, and blue. Little Dude wanted his hair sprayed red and blue again this year. Thankfully GG opted out of it. Last year, the red stained her hair for 2 months!

Along with the spray colors, Little Dude also wanted a mohawk. Surprising it held up most of the day! Please don't ask why he looks stoned in this picture. He has the same look in almost all pictures I take!

Red mohawk

This year was especially busy because we were walking in the parade with the Girl Scouts. Little Dude was supposed to try and walk with the anti-bully group for the schools, but he somehow managed to stay with us girls.

While I walked with our troop and our lovely float built around a stroller

Parade float

Little Dude took a ride in the van. The whole entire route!


After we successfully walked (and rode through) the parade, we made the trek back home for lunch. I had to make a quick trip to my mom's before heading to a picnic at a friend's house. I think this is a picnic we might have to go to every year. Both of my kids had friends there, as did I. As well as good food and good drinks! Everyone needs a little whipped cream vodka for the holidays!

As the sun began to set behind the storm clouds, a friend and I, with our 5 collective kids in tow, began our walk uphill to the high school stadium for the firework display. We found a good spot where everyone could see and my friend's stroller was easily accessible. As soon as a drum and bugle corps began to play, the sky opened up. For the second night in a row, we were caught in the rain. Thankfully my friend's husband, who volunteers for the 4th of July committee, was there. He found us a nice dry spot in the press box to wait out the storm.

The rain finally stopped and it only delayed the start of the fireworks by 10 minutes. We found a new spot to sit and waited for the show to start. It was well worth the wait!

Yes, this is a firework!
Pretty awesome, right?!


Wordful Wednesday by


Until next time...

The battle has begun

What a crazy weekend, as the 4th usually is! We could all use an extra day just to catch up on sleep. I know it won't happen, but at least it's a sign that the weekend was a fun one.

Saturday was just a bunch of running around, but Sunday is when the real fun started. After visiting my in-laws, I took the kids to the local Street Fair.

Our street fair isn't anything huge, but it's fun. Each of my kids got a free airbrush tattoo as well as a turn in the bounce house. I "treated' them to free hot dogs and free cotton candy. Free is good. After visiting the vendors I took them to the police station to find a spot on the curb to watch the Battle of the Barrel.

Battle of the barrel

Every year someone asks what this Battle is exactly. Local fire departments gather and have a battle. A barrel is strung up in the middle of the street. Using their hoses, the teams of firemen (and women) they try to push the barrel to the other side of the wire.

Battle of the barrel

Kids gather on the sides of the street to watch knowing full well they will get soaked to the core. Many of my friends we passed along the way asked if I was taking the kids to the pool because they were each carrying a towel. No pool, we're just pros at this battle thing. We come prepared!

Well, almost fully prepared. I failed to check the weather before we left because I was under the assumption it was going to be a gorgeous night. We all know what happens when one assumes, right? In the end, I was just as wet as the kids - them from the hoses, me from Mother Nature.

Battle of the barrel

Rain was a running theme throughout the holiday. Thankfully it held off for the parade the following morning. The rain held out long enough to almost ruin the fireworks.

I'll share more about that tomorrow. Right now, I think I need a nap.

I hope you had a good holiday!

Until next time...