Mom of the year?

I'm linking up with Kmama and Emmy Mom for their Proud Mommy Moments

but to be perfectly honest, I would prefer to call it The Night I Was Awarded Mom of the Year.

While walking through Target last week, Little Dude saw a sign for a movie he wanted to see. I told him I would look into what was in the theaters for him and we would pick a time to go.

Last Saturday I took GG to see the final Harry Potter, which was incredibly awesome! Getting out of the house without Little Dude was rather difficult, but I knew this was definitely a movie I wanted to see before he did. When us girls returned home, I immediately looked up what movies were at the dollar theater that he could see. It worked out perfectly because the sign he pointed out in Target was currently playing at said el-cheapo theater.

The boy and I decided we would go see the movie Monday night. Come Monday Little Dude decided to be extremely difficult. Needless to say, our movie night was pushed back.

Tuesday he was on his best behavior. Well, at least better than Monday. After dinner, the boy and I climbed into our little red car and headed to the theater. Looking back, it's like he knew that Tuesday was the better day to go to the theater - it was dollar day. Not only was it a dollar to buy a ticket, as it is every day, but popcorn and drinks were also a dollar. Score!

We found our seats and waited for the movie to start. Thankfully there weren't many previews because my boy was starting to get impatient. He was so excited when it finally started, but fifteen minutes in I was second guessing our choice of movies. It was definitely not your ordinary kids movie.

Once the lizard found the town where he needed to go and the action started, things were starting to look up. I will admit there were a few scenes with some adult humor, which luckily went flying over his head. But if you really think about it, what cartoon nowadays, outside of PBS Kids, doesn't have some adult humor?

The end of the movie was a little dark. There were a few mentions of "hell" followed by a shootout between the snake and the bats, but the good guys did prevail. New friends were made, everyone was dancing, and the town was back to it's happy self.

Little Dude really enjoyed not only his first movie in the theater, but a night out just him and I. But looking back, was Rango really my best decision when it comes to movies my 5 year old should see?

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Oka said...

I remember seeing the preview to that movie and making the decision that wasn't a movie for my kids.

Kmama said...

Jdaddy just bought that movie for the kids and we were going to let them watch it with their sitter on Saturday night. Hmm. I might need to reconsider.

Thanks for linking up...even though I can't see if you actually did as my blog is down. :-(

Unknown said...

Aww mommy and kid night out is great when you get to do it. I am sure he is so excited for your next date..

Emmy said...

I haven't heard of that movie-going to have to go watch a trailer now.
At least it was only $1 right :)

Thanks for linking up!!

McKenna said...

Well so much for the movie choice but how great that he loved his time with you. That is what he will remember.