If I fall off the grid, this is why!

I'll be lucky if I make it through this weekend. I'm still exhausted from yesterday!

I took the kids downtown for a few hours to play in the water of a few fountains. While we were walking towards the second one they wanted to see, we walked by where I used to work. Little Dude asked about his favorite teacher. It's been a while since we visited so I wasn't sure if she even still worked there. So we kept on walking.

A few doors up from my former job I heard someone ask if I was going back to work. I stopped and said "Hell no" before I even knew who was asking! Turns out it was a guy who worked at the sandwich shop. I used to work with his mom and his aunt and he would always hook us employees up with awesome sandwiches!

We chit-chatted a few minutes. I asked who was still working over there and when he told me who I knew I needed to suck it up and take the kids in for a visit. As much as I hate that place, it was nice to see a few old friends. And the kids really enjoyed seeing some of their old teachers. When I asked everyone how work was going, they all said the same thing - nothing has changed. Makes me glad that I got out when I did!

After 3 hours of walking and playing in water, we finally left to get the husband from work. It felt so good to finally sit down, even if it was only in the car. When we got home, I still had some more running around to do, so needless to say, I am still exhausted!

This whole weekend we have a bunch of stuff planned. Tonight is the battle of the barrel, which the kids are really looking forward to. Tomorrow morning is our community's annual parade, which you can read my gripe about here. All throughout the afternoon there are things going on all over the community and in the evening are the fireworks.

Sunday morning the 4 of us are going to play some tennis. Why does GG talk her dad into doing this on the hottest days?!? After that it's off to the in-laws and then off to see yet another fireworks display. Between those 2 evenings, being able to see the fireworks at a local amusement park, and being able to hear the ones after every baseball game downtown, I am going to be sick of the booms and lights!

So I think it's only appropriate to share my own display. I tried to upload a video of ones we saw last weekend, but kept having technical issues, so you get some from a few months ago. But really, it's all the same, just a different day!

From my family to yours...

Have a happy and safe 4th!

Until next time....


Oka said...

Try to enjoy yourselves :D

Ruth said...

Hey there, i came by to let you know that i have an award waiting for you at my blog. So please come.

Anonymous said...

have a wonderful weekend ;)

Shell said...

I loved letting my kids play in the fountains. :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Kristin said...

Happy 4th!

Di said...

Hope you get a chance to relax!

Amy said...

You sure do have tons going on. Sounds fun but a lot..
Enjoy your weekend.. Thanks for stopping by..