What a Catch

It was so nice to have a relaxing weekend. Yes, I had stuff I had to get done, like grocery shopping, but I did have time to enjoy the beautiful no where near as hot as last week weather with the kids.

I had planned on taking the kids for a walk to the pool to drop off the papers and money for GG's swim lessons. She is so close to being able to swim on her own, but if I try to help her it always ends in disaster. I think 1 round is all she needs to make it all click. And $35 for a 2 week session - you can't beat that!

While I was filling out the paperwork that I already had at home, the kids were outside playing. GG found her bug catcher set in the outside toybox.

Next thing I hear is her proclaiming that she caught her first bug ever! Not entirely true, but whatever!

She tried to bring it in the house to show me. I don't care if it's only a potato bug... NO!!! I listened to her and Little Dude talk about her new pet as I finished the paperwork and the cutest thing transpired!

She added a little grass to her bug's container and giggled as it crawled all over the place. Next thing I know, she's naming her pet.

I'm ready to walk to the pool so I call in the kids. They have already decided that Samantha the potato bug needs to go for a walk! Along the way we found half of a robin's egg that was added to the container. Samantha needed another snack so we found some clover.

The whole walk the kids giggled over how the bug was rolling around and eating her snacks. She got a little tour of our town, but in the end Samantha had to go.

GG knew she couldn't keep Samantha in that box for too long. She thought the best place to set her free was the playground. There are all kinds of things for Samantha to explore there. And there were even huge green beetles for her to play with.

We won't tell GG what kind of playing those beetles will do with Samantha, right?

Until next time....


Kmama said...

I love that she named the potato bug. That's so funny!!

Anonymous said...

way cute:)

Cyndy Bush said...

That is just too cute!