Fall soccer season has officially begun!! Ok, it started Monday and I am just now blogging about it. Does that say what kind of week I've had?!?

Anyway, this year both of the kids are signed up. Little Dude is finally old enough. YAY!!!

And he is so excited to play. Can you tell? -------------------->

He's the youngest on his team, which I was not expecting. I overheard the other parents talking about when their kid is turning 5 (most are within the next month or so). Little Dude just turned 4. But watching him at his 1st practice, he was keeping up with the other kids and doing what the coach wanted.

GG was 6 when she started playing and I thought it was just adorable when she started. That was nothing compared to a bunch of 4 year olds running around aimlessly. It will be interesting to see how the kids do in their first game in a few weeks. Now we just need to find out when the games are. I think they start on the 20th, but each coach seems to have a different idea of what time the games are. As much as I love the kids playing soccer, it's not always very organized. I should have known there would be chaos when I received a phone call last week asking me to be my son's coach. Hell no!!! The point of signing my kids up for something is to pawn them off on someone else for a while so I can get a break!

Although I am a Brownie leader, so I guess I'm not really following that mentality. But in my defense, some parent involvement is a good thing. But...... I DON'T DO SPORTS!!! I just like to watch them on tv or from the sidelines. Hence me being in the PTA and a Brownie leader. Those don't involve coaching a sport in any way!

Ok, enough rambling. I have to finish my daughter's room. I'm still mad about that bookshelf!!! Until next time.....

Oh, and I will post pictures of Paige playing soccer as soon as I get some! I wouldn't forget about her!!

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