Never say Never

Growing up I always knew that I wanted to be a mom. As I got older and especially when I was pregnant with our first, I made a list of rules and expectations. I was not going to be the mom that never got any sleep because my child would not sleep at night. So to prevent that, I laid out a schedule. Baby would eat at this time, nap at this time, and go to bed at this time. Fortunately for us, it worked. Paige was sleeping through the night by the time she was 8 weeks old. She was an awesome eater and an awesome napper. She ate when I wanted and slept when I wanted.

The only bad night we had was Christmas eve when she was 6 weeks old. We were visiting family like we do every year and we didn't get home til close to midnight. We gave her a bottle and then laid her down for the night. All was good for about an hour. She started fussing. We rubbed her back, rocked the cradle, but as soon as we laid back down, she was at it again. Chris fell asleep and I ended up holding her and walking around with her for a few hours. He got up and took over for the next few hours and FINALLY got her to sleep at 7am. We had to be up and ready to go by 9. Needless to say, we were miserable all day. Well, not Paige because she slept all day. Oh, the life of a baby!!!

One of my big fears (and still is) is choking. That's why she w
as not to be given ANY table food until I approved. Which wold not be until she was at least a year old. Again, that one worked out in our favor as well.

As she got older and more independent, I refused to let her wear "silly" clothes. Socks with sandals, tank top with snow boots, that kind of stuff. I knew it was good to let her choose her own things to wear - it creates a sense of independence. I didn't want the crazy looks from others. Everything was peachy keen.

That is until Mike came along! I think if you were to pull out your o
le buddy Webster and look up stubborn, his picture would be plastered all over the page! Mike got the blue ribbon for eating, but sleeping, that's another story. He refused to nap until he was 3 months old. However he was sleeping through the night by 4 weeks, so I guess that's not a bad trade off. But I couldn't get anything done. And it's not like he would be quiet while I did the dishes. He screamed until someone help him. I swore I would not be the mom the always hold my children. That didn't work out. I also swore I would never give my kids a binky. Ya, that didn't work out either. But he only took it for a few weeks anyway.

I know I said he never napped.
I just find this picture funny because
it was the one time we wanted him to stay awake
and he flat out refused!

Now that they're older, I find myself caving on so many things. Ok, one more show on tv. Ok, I'll let you stay up til 9, but just this once (ya right). Paige usually wants to stay up to watch hockey or football, but I think she just wants more play time. To this day, she still doesn't really know how to play either sport! And the fashion choices that Mike makes, oh good grief!!! He will find the one pair pf shorts I didn't take out of his drawer that are too small or the one pair of pants that are too short. His shirt doesn't always match and his shoes definitely do NOT go with the outfit. But I've learned that fighting with him over this stuff is not worth my time. It's only going to lead to screaming and crying on both parts.

Yes, there are those rules that can never bend because they are truly important rules, but in my 7 years of being a mom, I've learned


Until next time.....


Lani said...

They are such cuties:) I had all kinds of ideas about what I would do as a mom... but somehow the rulebook gets tossed out along the way and you do what you have to do!

Please stop by my Blog for a Cure Blog Party next week if you get a chance!

Lisa Anne said...

I think I live by that motto. LOL

Allison said...

I completely agree. It's funny the expectations you have about how you'll be as a parent. All that goes out the window when you hear yourself saying, "Because I said so!" I swore I would never say that! AHHHHH! I'm turning into my parents!

MommyBrain said...

Ah yes, the "never say never" anthem of so many mommies with more than one baby under their roof ... you are making me a little terrified of what this second one will do to our nice, orderly household ... I just know she's going to give us a run for our money ... she's already making trouble with contractions at 22 weeks ... just imagine the feistiness that prompts that!

melissa said...

Hahah, this is soooo true! My list of nevers was a mile long. And the list stayed true for the most part while I was working and paid someone to watch my kids during the day. They had to follow the list too.

And then I became a SAHM when they were 3 and 1. I laughed at the list, tore it up and burned it while my kids watched spongebob drinking pop lol.