Ya I know it's late and what I really should do is go to bed. But the overload switch in my head is on full force and I need to defrag.

This day sucked!!!!

From the time I woke up to, well, now. It just sucked!!

This lovely day started with a mad dash to get everyone out the door by a certain time so Chris could get to work on time and Paige would get to school on time. It wouldn't have been so bad ex
cept that Paige decided to lay back down instead of brush her hair and her teeth. Then I realized that Mike had peed in his bed (argh!!).

So we got Chris to work on time, but halfway home I hit a wall of traffic. You know it's bad when the 7 year old starts asking how much further til the HOV lanes! We just barely got her to school, but we made it and that's what counts. So then I had to go to the bank to set up the Brownie account before our leader meeting tonight.

Me and J (the troop leader) realized that the bank probably didn't open until 9 so we went home for a bit. We got to the bank only to find out that we did not have the paper work we needed to open the account. Wasted trip! So off to home we went...again.
I had told Paige that I would rearrange her room so I figured I'd get started on that because that's not a quick or easy task. Genius me decided to move her bookshelf. Why am I a genius? Ok, normally I am one, but this one time is the exception =). Last time I tried to move her shelf it started to come apart. Well this time the whole thing collapsed! Between the mess that was already on the floor and now a HUGE pile of books, you couldn't see the carpet. I guess that's what happens when you buy a cheap bookshelf. If you are reading this, spend the extra money on something decent please!

45 minutes later, the bookshelf was together and it the proper place, but now I realize that I have 10 minutes to get the boy ready to get the girl from school. I also had to clear her bed so she had a place to sleep because I knew I wouldn't have time later. Thank goodness I fixed her bed situation because it took 3 hours to get Chris from work and back home. Stupid construction!!! Who the heck decides to close a main road during rush hour downtown? Idiots!!

I had just enough time to drop Chris off, run in the house and get some sort of dinner and pajamas for the kids who were going to my mom's while we were at our meetings. There's nothing better than Uncrustables and cheese crackers for a healthy dinner! And btw, the grilled cheese Uncrustables are gross!!! And now for the GS leader meeting...


I knew there was some work on our part as leaders, but dang!!!! There was so much stuff to cover. And we didn't even cover everything on the agenda! So much stuff that the head people had to have a private meeting with us newbies!

Between my frustrations of the day and too much information ( I'm singing Duran Duran)

I'm waiting, for my head to start spinning and shooting out pee soup. Maybe I will go to bed now. Until next time.....


supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...

ohhhh crap day!

Doesn't it go supah fast??? I'm always like.. what??? its' 10:09.. I only have t inus 45 minutes before i have to get these boogers in the car to pick up E!


ANd also for peed beds during morning rush hour, stupid cheapo bookshelves and banks that don't immediatly provide you with all the papers you SHOULd HAVE BUT DON'T.

MommyBrain said...

Yikes! That is one heck of a day ... I always say - in my oh-so-optimistic way - that we have to have really cruddy days in order to appreciate the really good ones :)