What happened?!?

It never ceases to amaze me at how fast time flies! I was thinking about this today. I was thinking of one of my cousins who recently had a baby. It seems like only yesterday that I was at her house getting ready to go to Kennywood. Even though I was finally tall enough, I was still afraid to ride the Laser Loop. Now we're both married with families of our own. She also reminded me on Facebook today that her sister is turning 18. My goodness! I remember playing with my cousin way before her sister was even thought of! And another cousin is about to have a baby. It seems like only yesterday we were kids playing at our Grandma's house.

This past week I have been watching my own kids and thinking the same thing! How fast they've grown!!! I think I've been thinking about this because Mike has been extremely interested in the past lately. He is always asking questions about when he was a bay or when we were babies. Paige is definitely growing up! She is getting more and more interested in clothes and her appearance. She also seems to be getting interested in boys. I think I caught her holding a boy's hand walking home from school yesterday! Ugh! I think we're in for a rough ride with her! And for Mike, he is no longer the baby. He's a preschooler now - a little person! And while they are continuing to grow faster and faster it seems, I continue to look forward to what's to come. Although I do miss the past!

Paige is in 2nd grade and I think she finally got back into school mode. The first few weeks were rough. She had trouble focusing in class and would rather socialize with her friends. She also had trouble remembering to do her homework. I know part of the blame for that falls on me and I accept that, but at the same time, she is also old enough now to take on more responsibility for what she needs to do.

But anyways, I have the ability to go online to check her grades and her assignments, which I have been doing. She also brings home classwork so I can see what she does all day. And I mean she brings home A LOT of papers!!!! Wonder how many forests they destroy?! Over the past 2 weeks, her grades have been going nowhere but up! She's never been a bad student and she wasn't getting bad grades, but I knew she could do better. She's even getting an "O" in handwriting. BTW, "O" stands for outstanding. I think there's hope for her yet that she won't end up with handwriting like her dad or uncle! Sorry, guys, but you know I'm right on this one!

And Mike... my goodness has his imagination been soaring! And his messes have been just as big, too! Last week he was obsessed with a store. We have a kitchen set in the backyard. He put a chair on one side and the customer (me) would stand on the other side. He had a shopping cart in case I needed a lot of stuff. He used his t-ball stand for the candy dispenser and the candy was chalk (yummy!). He also used his bikes for when he had to go buy more supplies or deliver candy. This week it seems to be his train that he's obsessed with. We have a rather large container of GeoTrax. He makes a track from one side of the room clear to the other side. Usually his castle is somewhere in the middle with the track running through the door. Then he pulls out the Duplos to make stores, tree houses, and sometimes diving boards. I don't understand the last one, but he seems to make it work for him! He will play with nothing but these obsessions ALL day! And the story lines he comes up with while playing just blow me away!

He's also really catching on to what I'm trying to teach him. Right now we're learning the letters and he loves to point out the letters he's learned everywhere we go! It seems like yesterday he was learning to count. I couldn't get him to count for the life of me! Then one day when I was holding him, he counted my earrings and he counted correctly. In case you're wondering, he counted to ten. Yes, that's how many earrings I have!

Each and every day, my kids amaze me at what they know and what they can do. One is turning into a little boy and the other is turning into a little lady. I really miss when they were little. They knew nothing of the world and it was our job to show them the way. Now they're trying to teach us stuff! I really hope the future with them is as enjoyable as the past was.

Until next time.....


Chief said...

I try so hard not to wish the years away. Sometimes I think, phew! if I could just get through this stage! Someday the stages will be gone and I don't want to regret one single second of them

Unknown said...

Love the tongue-sticking-out pic:)

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Raising Z and Lil C said...

Your kids are adorable. It is sad and wonderful to watch them grow up....I do wish time would just slow down a little bit :)