Boob tube - my 5

Yay! Meme Monday! Thanks SupahMommy and MommyBrain! I'm too tired to think of my own topic to blog about.

5 shows that I am looking forward to this season....that's easy! The hard part is getting no one to interrupt me. And they best not, for their own safety!!!

1 ~ Grey's Anatomy
greys anatomy

I LOVE this show!!!! I have been watching it from the beginning. I think I started because of my love for ER (yes, I cried when that ended!). Yay! Another hospital show! Even Chris has been known to watch an episode or 2. He usually gets bored with a show after a few episodes, unless it's Family Guy, but he knows to leave me alone when this is on. I'm still a little upset that George is no longer there, and I really hope that Izzy can stay!

2 ~ Desperate Housewives

Admit it, we all want to be like these ladies. Unfortunately, I think many of us lack the courage to pull off the crazy things they sometimes, ok often do and not get caught.

3 ~ Lost

When I saw commercials for this show before it started, I said "Wow, that looks awesome! I have to watch it!" Well, the series premiere came and went and I completely forgot to watch it. Usually when I do that I figure the show is a lost cause, no pun intended. If you try to start at the 2nd or 3rd episode in, you are literally lost (he he! Really I swear, no puns intended!). You don't know who anyone is or what their stories are. Well, luckily for me before the 2nd season started there was a recap episode. And I've been hooked since. And maybe a little lost myself. If there are ANY interruptions during an episode, you will be totally lost for the remainder of the episode. There are so many little things that you need to pay attention to. There have been times where I am left confused after an episode, but I still HAVE to watch it next week to find out what happens with so-and-so.

And now after re-reading this, I realize that this show is appropriately named on so many levels!

4 ~ Six time champs
I could plaster these boys all over the page =)
but I'll spare you

Ya, I know. Sports aren't really a show as in a series that I can't miss. But you need to understand that if were to cut open someone in this house, you would see a mess of black and gold! Gruesome, but true.
bleed black and gold

At times, I do feel bad for the kids. All they want to do is play or have a conversation with one of us. But they get loud and keep walking in front of the tv. Not cool, man! Not cool!

And while we're on the subject of sports.....

5 ~ The mighty 'guins
stanley cup

The same rules hold true for hockey as they do for football.

Do not speak to me
Do not walk in front of me
And for heaven's sake, don't complain when I yell at the tv!

And by the way, I did not take this picture. I wish I did because that's right where I was standing for the parade. I had to use the old camera. Remember the ones where you have to load that stuff known as film? Ya, one of those. Apparently I didn't load the film the right way and most of my pictures did not come out. Believe me, I was pissed!!!

So there you have it. 5 shows I absatively posalutely can NOT miss. I don't watch the good ole boob tube much these days, but when I do, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

And does anyone know exactly why it's called "boob tube"? I'm too lazy right now to Google that.


Until next time....


Unknown said...

I am also looking forward to Grey's Anatomy. It will be interesting to see how it goes without George. I love sports too! We are big Chiefs fans in our house and it looks like it might be a disappointing season - again.....

Stopping by from SITS!

supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...

Ok. I'll have to watch grey's now.. all of you are peer pressuring me to do so.. :)

goooo stillers!!
except last night?


thanks for always playing along!!

Miss. C said...

Your post made me smile!! My grandma always called the tv the "boob tube" and that made me think of her!!! I am from Ohio, so I really can't agree with the grandpa would roll over in his grave if he did't hear me barking! lol!

Shell said...

Love your Pittsburgh pride!
I, too, love Grey's, though it wasn't on my list...I need a list of 20 shows I won't miss. Thank goodness for the dvr and kids who go to bed super early.

TheAtticGirl said...

LOL boob tube. Haven't heard that one in a while.

I love LOST! I'm only through season 4 though because we just started trying to catch up through Fancast.

MommyBrain said...

Your pun-filled Lost paragraph - and that last sentence - made me laugh out loud ... seems like something I would write ... and I'd be totally lost, too.

I am NOT a sports fan - at all - but I know many Steelers fans and you all do seem to be the most die-hard, dedicated out there :)

Hockey, really? My dad used to watch Blues hockey (STL) with a big group of his buddies ... but I had totally forgotten about that sport!

We'll all have to post after Thursday night's Grey's episode ... I cannot wait! I rewatched the season finale and felt like I hadn't even seen it before?! I guess I had blocked out some of that ...

Thanks for playing along - always enjoy reading your posts :)

Lisa said...

We bleed black and gold in this house too. We both went to different high schools but the mascot for both was the wildcats with black and gold!

On the other hand it's red and white for the RAZORBACKS! WooHoo!


MIITB said...

Oh no. I came here to see what kinda cool shows you watch and then I saw you are a Steelers fan.
I am a die hard fan of the team that beat ya last night. Ya know, the ones that will be taking that Super Bowl crown from you guys at the end of the season ;)

Lisa Anne said...

Another Greys FAN!! WHOOT WHOOT.

You totally have to join my Tuesday Football posts!!! COme and read last Tuesday's post and VOTE before the game tonight.

Come back tomorrow and watch Palomalo's commercial. I love him!

Chief said...

OK so I got a DVR specifically so that I would never miss Grey's. If anyone calls, knocks on the door, farts or ANYTHING while I am looking at McDreamy, I will stab them