Five Fashion MeMestakes

Who me?!? Never!!!

To save myself the embarrassment, I should leave it at that. But I will join in on the

What the heck was I thinking?!?

Let's take a journey through that oh so awkward phase known as growing up! And thanks Supah and MommyBrain for making me relive my horrible fashion choices!!

1. Neon socks. Well, neon anything I suppose would be more fitting. And the best part is, they had to be slouched down and layered!

2. Bangs and the overuse of hairspray. My mom still makes fun of this phase of my life! I think I used so much hairspray on them that you could have bounced small objects off of my bangs.

There was the phase of having the more normal bangs and then the phase of teasing them up high. The higher the better, right? Now keep in mind, I had wavy hair so this was not an easy task, hence the over use of hairspray to keep them just so.

3. Speaking of wavy hair, I admit I went through the perm thing as well. My hair was poker straight and when I was younger I decided I wanted a perm. My hair hasn't been straight since! Back to the perm.....poofy, bouncy curls. Just awesome! And again in jr. high, I let a friend curl my hair. Smartest decision of my life.....NOT!!! Can we say q-tip? Ya, that's about what my head looked like. My shoulder-length hair was now up to my ears and sticking out about 4 inches on each side. Be glad I don't have a picture of that. I know I am!!

4. I'm baggy, therefore I'm cool. So after the neon phase and hyper-color shirts, I switched to the baggy look. My shirts...any shade of black would do, followed by a flannel around the waist and baggy jeans. I think my favorite was my Guns 'n' Roses shirt, tucked into my baggy jeans, with a red and black flannel tied around my waist. I do believe said jeans would later be referred to as "Mom jeans".

Mom jeans can be known as #4 1/2. I do have a pair floating around somewhere, but rarely wear them. I call them my cleaning pants, but it never fails that the one day I wear them is the one day I have to make a quick run to the store. My husband gets a good laugh out of those.

5. Let's jump ahead to the present, shall we? Dying my hair. I have been doing this myself, a long time. Let's just say I have no idea what my natural color is! I have always chosen a shade of red and never had any problems. I decided last year to be bold and try blonde. Ya, that didn't work. It didn't look bad, but I just didn't get the results I wanted. The bad dye job happened just a few months ago.

Hair dye + chlorine = disaster

I had a wedding to go to in early June and wanted to dye my hair. It had been a while and I figured I was about due. So I went to the store and chose a shade of red that tickled my fancy. I didn't take into account that school would be out soon and I would be taking my kids to the pool a lot. This was my first summer home with the kids and I was taking full advantage of that pool! Well, apparently, chlorine wreaks havoc on dyed hair! My lovely shade of red was now streaky blonde. And I don't mean streaks like highlights. That wold have been cool cuz I always wanted to do that but was afraid to screw it up. I mean streaky, brassy looking blonde that makes you say "What the heck was she thinking". It was bad!

And, by the way, I would just to point out that some of these crazy fashions are making a return. The neon crap, side pony tails, leggings! Run away!!!!

Isn't it just grand that I can relive fashion mistakes through my daughter!

Until next time.....


Miss. C said...

Great post! I about died when my daughter and I went to Justice for back to school was like I returned to jr high! Neon clothes, peace signs and leggins, oh my!!!

Chief said...

We are definitely from the same era!

MommyBrain said...

I love that you went there ... with the recent mistakes ... I decided to avoid that scenario; the wound is still open, so to speak :) And you make such a good point about reliving these mistakes through your daughter - kids are good for somethings!

I'll forever picture Evonne as the one wearing the Guns'n'Roses t-shirt with flannel tied at the waist ... that's a serious fashion statement :)

Thanks for joining the pandemonium of our MEme!

mrs.alderman said...

Ahhh...the baggy period...I think we all have nightmares about that. But baggy combined with that's really bad! :) Great post!

Shell said...

Ah, how many fashion mistakes we have in common! But, you know, everyone was doing it!

Lisa said...

Hair dye...I have been doing mine forever and like the results. I do have red hair...I think but it's been blonde from a box since I was like 17. I did dye it pink once on accident though.
I don't rememeber the baggy period.

supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...

Hyper color!! That is so funny. We could use those shirts now as evidence if any boys touched our daughters etc. inappropriately! DON"T YOU LIE BOY! I SEE YOUR HAND PRINT IN PURPLE!

I preferred Jhirmack hairspray.
ch ch ch ch....
tease bangs
ch ch ch ch

tease bangs
ch ch ch ch
roll bangs back with curling iron

spray bangs
ch ch ch ch
blowdry way too wet bangs from all the ch ch ch ..


SIgh.. good times. :)
How about Vuarnet shirts? ANyone? ANyone?

thanks for hanging with us again:)
It's becoming quite a fun "stoop." so to speak


melissa said...

Hahaha I totally did the baggy jeans with the flannel tied around my waist, but I did the striped body suit (adult onesie) instead. I was for sure awesome as I rocked out to nirvana and pearl jam lol.