Bringing Sexy Back?

So a while back Cheapskate Mom and DiPaola Momma got together to try and bring sexy back and here's what they came up with...

What I first read this post , well, let me tell you, I was all over this!!! I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. For me to get fabby it takes an act of God! I know women who will not even run to the store for some milk without putting on make-up. I don't even know where all of my make-up is, let alone how to properly apply it!

But anyway, the first round of Drabby to Fabby Friday came and went. OMG!!! I have to take a picture of myself in order to participate?!? Oh darn, my camera was broken! That worked out in my favor now didn't it?! But seriously, I do need to start pampering myself. I'm a busy girl, but I have learned that taking 5 minutes to actually do something with hair other than pull it up makes me feel kinda good.

So I am now jumping into this Drabby to Fabby Friday and I figure what better way to start it out than show you the extreme worst to one of the best. Believe me, I am not gloating because I surely don't think I'm "all that". I'm just trying to make this sound like an extreme makeover. Kinda like what Ty does to houses every week!

sweats here I am. This is what I look like every morning. I get up, throw on the sweats and take the husband and daughter to their destinations. I'm in the car, no one sees me...who care what I look like. I put something more presentable on when I get back home and before I have to go out in public jeans instead of sweat pants. The sweatshirt usually stays! And by the way, I am not freakishly tall. I had to stand on a step stool to get the picture. I am NOT letting Little Dude use my brand spanking new camera!!!

And what happens when I have to get all dolled up? Well, here it is.....

black dress

I just look so thrilled, don't I? Actually I do like to dress up because it's a very rare moment that I get the chance. And the story behind this dress just makes me want to wear it even more. I bought it at a thrift store for $2. Yes, you read that right, I said $2! The only thing wrong was that the straps were a little too long. For 2 bucks, I can sew it a bit. No big deal!

So there ya go - the worst and the best! Can we saw "Holy transformation, Batman!"
Or is that just me thinking that?

Oh, and the special feature this week was about eyes. I'll show you I told you I rarely wear make-up and thus have no idea if I even apply it the right way (once I find it all), but I gave it a shot.

bare eyes

and after.....

eye shadow

So now you all know what I look like. And what I have the potential to look like if I give it a little effort. And I just want you all to know that I HATE having my picture taken. Other than putting on my favorite dress, this was just pure torture. But looking back, it was a little fun!

Until next time...

Pancreatic cancer


Anonymous said...

Holy transformation bateman! But seriously, you looked good either way, but the dress, well lets just say you rocked it! ;)

My computer problems are fixed and I am back;) \

peace my dazling friend.

Tamara Dawn said...

Awww you look great! I am totally bashful too (believe it or not) this blog has helped me come out of my shell :)

LOVE your Cheapskate $2.00 FABBY dress!! Woot-Woot!

Your eyes look amazing! For someone who doesn't apply makeup ever you did a fantastic job!

Thanks for playing along, sorry to torture was fun though, right? :p

Claremont First Ward said...

You have amazingly beautiful eyes.........and are lucky enough to have a figure that I'm guessing looks fabulous in just about anything.........except sweats. kidding. Seriously though, LOVED the transformation.........

Shell said...

Great transformation!

I feel bad, sitting here in my sweats reading this.

Amy said...

This was so much fun to watch. Thanks for sharing it. I really like that dress that is a great price. Have a great weekend.

Anti-Supermom said...

Good shopping, girl! And the makeup, you did amazing, you have beautiful eyes even without the makeup.

Isn't Tamara fun?!

Wendy said...

Drabby to Fabby is my only reason for dressing up, which is why I'm determined to do it indefinitely!! Love the dress, and beautiful eyes!!

Alissa Grosso said...

My drabby to fabby is a thrift shop find as well. I'm not a big fan of the picture-taking thing myself. In fact, I chickened out on posting my eyes pictures. In my defense, they looked truly scary!

yonca said...

Awww..You have beautiful eyes even without the makeup! Love the dress. I'm following your blog now:)

Lisa Anne said...

I think you should stay in the sweats and sweatshirts. Dressing up is way over rated. I HATE DRESSING up. You pull off that black dress like no other though!

I think you did a great job on your make-up too.

BTW I secretly think my sisters is trying to get me on that makeover show. I don't think I'd even go on it though. LOL I love my hoodies too much!

Amy said...

Happy Sunday...

Anonymous said...


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