In the End, It's Always Fun

So we didn't quite get everything done on our Halloween to-do list. Either someone was sick or it was raining. And if it was raining, I was not taking kids who just got better out in the rain!

But in the end, we had fun with the things we did get a chance to do. Here's some of our adventures!

Glue Paint

What are they making, you ask?


Frankenstein luminaries!!!

Even I participated in the festivities. I do love Halloween so of course I had to join in on the fun!

I wore this....
Poodle skirt for the school party last week. Sorry but I didn't think to take a picture at the time. I just got this camera and have yet to get back into the whole picture taking hoopla! I had the white shirt, bobby socks, white shoes, and a ponytail waaaayyy up on my head. It was even tied with a bow!

Last night I chose another costume.....
Pumpkin witch A pumpkin witch!!!

And for those of you who read about my hat hunt , I did let the kids sleep for a bit before retrieving the hat.

If you don't know about my hat troubles, go read it so you're not so confused!

I even dressed up for tonight. I threw on my Crosby jersey and, voila! I was a fan!

I really am a Pens fan, but that was a lame attempt at a costume. In my defense, it's cold outside. If I threw on my jersey over a hoodie over a t-shirt over a long sleeve shirt I was warm. When the kids are begging me to let them stop walking and have me carry everything, the last thing I need is to be cold!

And finally, tonight was trick-or-treating! I had no idea what to expect because in past years we have gone to my mom's house and went around my old neighborhood. We would fill half a pillow case if we were lucky. And that's with 2 kids. This time we stuck to our own neighborhood. GG has lots of friends here and I figured she would enjoy running into her friends. And as it turned out, trick-or treating with them.

We did 1 road and it was worth it.

Yes said 1 road!!!

Candy Candy

That's at least twice as much as we got last year! Good thing the 5th graders are collecting candy to make care packages for the troops overseas. We certainly don't need all that junk and the troops definitely deserve a treat.

Gotta love the reward at the end!!!

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

The photos are simply pretty!
Stopping in from SITS.

Amy said...

That is a great idea about the candy. I should send you mine.

Angela Tolsma said...

WOW that's quite the hall of candy! Love your costumes!!

Allison said...

Looks like you had a great time! That's quite a haul and I love everyone's costume!

Tracie said...

Great costumes! Looks like you had fun!

Liz Mays said...

Unbelievable amounts of candy there! I love your pumpkin costume!

Those Frankensteins came out really cute. I'd make one myself!


That's awesome that they're making care packages with some of their candy. Really, truly great.

Stopping over from SITS Halloween Parade :o)

supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...

oh what a good idea! the troops thing!!

i saw that in another state !!

love the costumes!

ahem.. i was wondering if you dressed up ahem.. for hubby .. ahem.. cough cough