Sunday Wrap Up

It's Sunday and that means the weekend is almost over. Well, sort of. Paige doesn't have school tomorrow so I guess we she gets a 3 day weekend!

Today was soccer Sunday as usual. Paige's game was at 10, which was awesome. It's just a pain to take her to a 9am game, come home, and get Mike ready for his 11am game. The bad was cold! And I had to sit there for 2 hours! I'm sure I looked ridiculous wearing Mike's jacket over my hands to keep them warm. I'm just not ready to break out the gloves yet. But I did get smart and pulled out a warmer coat this week!

Anywho...Paige's team didn't win. They're not supposed to keep score, but you know everyone does! But her team played really well. And her coach was there to see this time! He forgot what time their game was last week and missed it. She took a few hits and I had to explain that it was a part of the game. She did very well at playing defense again.

Mike's ran. He still doesn't seem to understand exactly what to do. As a parent, I spent years teaching them to NOT take things off of other kids. And then we sign them up for soccer where you're ALLOWED to take the ball from the other kids. It's just so confusing for them! He did get to kick the ball a few times and it was good to see another girl actually play and score a few goals. For the first few games and practices, this little girl wanted nothing to do with playing the game. And like Paige, he had his share of injuries. I tried to buy him a helmet (yes, he bangs his head
that much!), but no one will let me.

Steeler helmet I think he needs one of these, don't you? =)

And the Steelers and Pens won this weekend too! I had to throw that in there because I bleed black and gold and just have to brag!

And for those of you who wished me luck at dinner last night - it went very well! The kids were very well behaved and they ate very well. Everyone was shocked when Mike ate a salad. No one believed that our kids like veggies and they proved them wrong! There was also a balloon guy there and they each had a balloon to take home. Paige had a purple dog on a yellow leash. Mike had what started out as a helicopter. The rotors popped and he decided it was a giraffe.

And now here's a picture of what I had (it's so good I have to share!)....

15-layer lasagna!!!

Yes it was good and yes I ate the whole thing! I may not look like I eat much, but I do. Especially when it's one of my favorite foods!

Until next time...


Lisa Anne said...

You should get a seahawks helmet instead. I mean they are about to beat the Jaguars 41 to 0. Yeah baby!!

Did you come and vote on the MOnday night game on my blog?

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by today. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I would get the helmet also. Have a great rest of the day and a great week ahead.