Nightmare Before Christmas


First off, that is the greatest movie EVER!!!!!! I saw it in 3-D at the theater and to quote GG, "it was so totally awesome!" And there is nothing wrong with a grown woman reciting the movie word for freakin word! Right???

Anyway, to the point of this post. My nightmare before Christmas is Halloween. Don't get me wrong, I love to dress up. As a matter of fact my costume is upstairs ready and waiting to go! And I love candy! I can't wait to dip into the stash in 2 weeks. I do believe last year I referred to this stash as "Willy Wonka hell". Ya, that's how much deliciousness junk we get!

Oh, come on! Pick your jaw up off the floor! You know I'm not the only one who helps the kids eat their candy!

I'm not the only one, right?

So just like the past few years, Halloween has started early. It started tonight and I have to deal with it for almost another 2 weeks before my reward of candy.

I don't care what you say!
I'm helping myself to some of their Reese's!!!

and Hershey bars, and MnM's, and Snickers.....

Our grocery store does treasure hunts for a few of the holidays. We stopped up tonight....twice! The first time I had Little Dude all ready to go and my list of my husband's junk what I needed to get. Little Dude was all dressed in his Spider-Man costume, minus the mask. They frown upon those there. We're halfway through the hunt and my basket is almost full when I realize I forgot to bring any money with me! See....Mommy Brain does equal stupidity!

So we finish the hunt, get his treat bag and cookie, and head back home. GG gets home from her friend's house with 10 minutes to spare. If we're quick we can make it to the store so she can do the hunt, too. She told me she would rather stay at her friend's house when I tried to pick her up at 5, but of course she's disappointed when she realizes she may not have the time to squeeze in the trip.

Long story short, she does the treasure hunt, gets her loot, I get my stuff AND pay for it.

Unfortunately GG didn't' have the time to put on her costume, which is why I didn't take any pictures of Little Dude. It just didn't seem fair. But no worries we have many more opportunities.....

  • School Halloween Dance Friday
  • Costume parade Saturday
  • Library party next Friday
  • Festivities in the neighborhood on the 30th
  • And finally Halloween day itself

Now do you understand why this is my nightmare before Christmas?!?

Until next time...


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

My little dude is really trick or treating age yet, but you can bet when he is I'll be helping him eat his candy. Ah ha

Shell said...

We have to help our kids eat all that candy or they would get sick. LOL

Amy said...

What a fun idea in the store. We did the same thing last month. Oh well my husband went home and got his wallet. Oops. Have fun at all of your up coming events.

Anonymous said...

I always take my niece trick or treating...she thinks Im a great uncle, and I get to eat all the candy on the way home....BONUS!

Allison said...

Who doesn't help themselves to their kid's candy! I mean we made/bought the costume right! That entitles you to some compensation!

Lisa Anne said...

I've never seen that movie. It looks to freaky for me. I don't dig those type on animation movies. I didn't like coralinne either. LOL