A Treat For Me...Maybe

It's been a long week for me. I had to deal with sick kids who proceeded to share their ickiness with me. Thank goodness I only had it for a day. This ship would be in some serious trouble if I was out of commission!

And then I had to deal with the cable company. Apparently they moved a bunch of channels to digital. We have the super awesome digital package where we get any and all channels, but we only have a converter box for the downstairs tv. Last time the cable company moved channels it was channels I could care less about, but not this time.

I am a Forensic Files junkie

Forensic Files


I finally got the chance to call this morning and the whole time I prayed it didn't turn out like the phone debacle! I'm not sure if it's a good thing to tell people how long they'll be on hold, but at least I got everything taken care of. Now I just have to wait until Wednesday for them to come. Of course they're busy - everyone wants their channels back!

So to treat myself and make up for a long week I decided that I'm going to dress up for the Halloween party at the library tonight. I figured I'd dress up as a pumpkin witch. I pulled out my knee high black and orange socks, a black skirt, and my pumpkin shirt. Now all I needed was a hat. I knew I had one somewhere...probably in the garage. I trek downstairs and start throwing Christmas bags everywhere to get to my bag o' Halloween crap.

Keep in mind that we don't have much room in our garage. We decided to be nice a few years ago and let a friend store a couch down there until she moved. Well, it's still sitting there and since we have a broken truck in the driveway, the couch is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Suddenly I hear screaming. No, that's not the right word.....how about screeching (x10)! I thought it was kids outside. I'm in the garage - I don't know what's going on and where.

*Smacks head*

It's your kids, moron!!!

Little Dude has been throwing insane fits a little moody for 2 days now so I have not a drop of patience left.


I banished them to their room until I find this darn witch hat!

I text my mom and my BFF to see if they have one I can borrow. My BFF texts me back saying she has one in her attic but is not allowed in there because she broke the door. I think that's just pissin' hysterical!

My mom texts back saying she has one and I can pick it up whenever. Woo hoo!!! I have a hat!!!

*Grabs keys*

*Runs to kids' bedrooms*



What to do, what to do????

I wake them up, I can have a hat, but the party probably won't be so much fun for me them due to having the sleepies.

I let them sleep....no hat for me.

I think I'll let them go for just a tad longer. Hopefully a power nap is all they need.

Until next time...


Chief said...

I am more amazed that you texted two different people and they both had hats. It's a good thing you didn't text me. I woulda been "huh"?

Anonymous said...

who has a witch hat around the house...lol, amazing;)

Allison said...

Never wake a sleeping child...especially when they've been throwing fits. You will never regain your sanity! :)

Liz Mays said...

I would have let them sleep too. It's so not worth the crankiness!

Ann said...

I definitely would have let them sleep! LOL

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Blogs said...

I wonder when all this illness is going to fade. It seems like every other week we get sniffles, coughs or sore throats...Glad you only had it for a day! Sits shoutout:)

Tracie said...

The number one rule at my house is: Never Wake A Sleeping Child.

Happy Halloween!