Things Never Go As Planned

It's funny how things never go as planned, but somehow have a way of working out for the best.

Last weekend was my brother's birthday. And btw, I am having a hard time comprehending the fact that he is 20! That's not allowed!!! Anywho, the weather was crappy by his school so we went to visit him this weekend instead. Me and the kids joined my mom in the trip. We took him and his roomie out to Chili's.

Chicken Tacos I highly recommend these if you eat there! Yummy!!!

We gave him his gifts, and his cake, and left to make our way back home. It's a 2 hour drive one way and the trip home was one of the longest 2 hours of my life! Why, you ask? Well, let me fill you in on those details!

We had ordered our food and when it came we all started digging in, except for GG. Shortly after she took a few bites she started complaining she didn't feel well. She felt a little warm to me, but I thought nothing of it. We had the school party the night before so I thought maybe she was tired. I had let the kids stay up to watch the rest of the hockey game after the party, too.

Well, the whole way home she was whining and complaining. Now I understand that she didn't feel well and I know that it sucks to feel sick, but she was being a little dramatic. But that's GG for ya! Oh, and my mom made me drive home. It wouldn't have been so bad except it was her car and I'm not used to driving it and her wipers do not turn off! No big deal, except it had stopped raining!

We got home and GG had a fever of 103. Oh crap!!!! I now take back my thinking that she was being dramatic! I pulled out the Motrin and again, oh crap! We only had enough for 2 doses. If this is going to last for more than a night, I needed to make a Target run!
eye heart Target

The Motrin had kicked in by the time I got back from the store and she was acting normal again. I decided she'd be ok and I could keep my movie plans with my friend.

Saw 6
Yep, we went to see Saw.
Ha! Get it?

See Saw!!!

Seriously, good times, but definitely gross!

Ok, now getting back to things working out in your favor......

I decided that Chris and Little Dude should go see the grandparents without us. My Father-in-law had been in the hospital and missed seeing the kids last weekend, but I didn't think it would be good for him or GG for her to visit, too. We ended up having a girls day in. It was just awesome! We watched a nerve wracking football game that, thankfully, we won.

Ha Ha!!! Favre is no longer undefeated this season!

sorry, had to gloat!!!

And we also played some Operation....the only game I can beat her at! It's sad that I can not win Monopoly Jr.!!

And she was able to play on the computer without a little 4 year old behind her asking every 2 seconds "Whatcha doin'?"

It was nice to have a day just her and I. And by the way, she is starting to feel better. Not sure about school tomorrow, but she's better than yesterday. Now I just have to worry about the impending asthma attack that follows every illness. Don't worry, she's already taking her meds for that. Maybe we can avoid it this time.

I hope!

Until next time....


Liz Mays said...

Operation scares the crap out of me!
But I'm sure you're fine with it. I mean, you just saw SAW!!!!

Glad the b-day event with your bro went well. :)

Allison said...

I heard Saw was good but I really want to see Paranormal. I'm all about scary movies so maybe I'll see both!

Glad things went well and it's so great you got to have a girls day!