2 Down, 3 To G

We have quite a list of Halloween functions to tackle. If you want to see the whole list, check the bottom of this post.

Anywho, I can now do a dance of joy because 2 of those things are officially crossed off the list. That mean we're almost halfway done.....YAY!!!!

So tonight was the Halloween dance at GG's school. For $2, each adult got a snack and juice and each of the kids got a snack, juice, and a Smiley cookie.

Oh my!
You don't know what a Smiley Cookie is?!?

You have to check them out!!

Click here

Now where was I? Oh right...the dance. Everyone got to vote on pumpkins that each class created and choose the best baby picture from each grade. Dummy me hasn't scanned GG's best baby picture ever, but when I get it back from the school you can guar-en-tee I will show her and all her rolls off!

And now for the coup de .... piece de.....the best part.


Spiderman and cat
Before we left.
I couldn't get them to smile for the life of me
so this is the best you'll get.
Cuz, well, it's the best I got!

And I forgot to tell GG to put her hood up

so you can see her ears.


Spider Man wearing his mask on his head
and not his face while taking a break from dancing!

Tired boy
Man...dancing, pretzels and juice can really tire a boy out!

Pumpkin game
Pass the Pumpkin.
My little cat almost won, too!
Wish I would've got a pic of her actually holding the pumpkin.
But no!!!
Someone had to walk in front of me every time!!
Don't you see the camera in my hand you crazy mummy kid?!?
And Miss J, I know we're friends and all
but I did not need a picture of your behind!

Ah, that's how the mask is supposed to go!
Now Spidey can see and do all his fancy web tricks!

The totally awesome pumpkin GG's class made.
They had the "witch" sitting on a broom that smelled like cinnamon.

I also got some really cute ones of GG and some of her friends, but it just doesn't sit right with me to post pictures of other people's kids. That's probably against the blog-world rules or something. But I promise, they're cute! Especially the one where a boy is giving GG bunny ears!

And now this Nifty Fifties gal needs to go to bed! Yes, that was my costume and when I'm in the mood to embarrass myself, I'll post that picture! And by the way, how the hell did girls back then get their ponytails that high up on their heads?!? Not an easy feat I tell you! And I have a headache because of it. But I got free candy at the end for helping to judge costumes and clean up so it was worth the sacrifice!

Until next time....


Shell said...

Looks like lots of fun!

Btw, I heart smiley cookies and would totally have tried to get one right along with the kids.

Amy said...

How fun was that dance. I can't wait until my little one gets older and get to do this. Cute pumpkin G.G.'s class made.

Tracie said...

Our local bakery has Smiley cookies and they are my kids favorite.

Chief said...

Such fun times! Halloween is so worth it for the younger kids. Once they get past 12, it's just expensive!

Lisa Anne said...

I love both the costumes. What fun. I wish had something like that to go to!!