I Am Now a Pharmacist!

So I posted the other day that I don't know what to make of this whole flu thing - is it real or a media induced panic?

I think it was Monday I posted that. I'm not going on much sleep right now so you'll have to forgive my lack of memory! Little Dude woke me up at 4am. He wanted to sleep in my bed because his bed was shaking. I didn't ask...it was 4am. Who can function at that ungodly hour? Certainly not me!!!

Anyway, I think I have caved in to the panic. I spent the entire morning doing laundry and cleaning the house. I now have the cleanest doorknobs ever!!!

I will not get sick!
I. WILL. NOT!!!!!

Why can't I get sick? Because I'm the effin pharmacist around here! You should see my kitchen!

We have this....

and this....
not this specific one due to a recall,
but I can't find a picture of Target's brand

and this....
(thanks for the free samples, doc!)

and about a million of these....
Medicine cups

I also caved and bought more hand sanitizer. My hands are so raw from being washed all day. It's like I'm working back in daycare again! Now THAT should have been my horror story for Monday's Meme!!!

I guess I wouldn't be in a state of panic if GG was all better. But she is still running a fever! This started on Saturday! Good grief! Can a girl get a break here?!? Me or her, it doesn't really matter at this point!

Not much matters at this point. That's why it was a watch tv and drink Kool-aid kind of day. We typically limit both of those, but I spent so much time disinfecting today I didn't care as long as they left me alone!

Ugh!!! I just looked at the clock. The Great Pumpkin is almost over which means it's time for the pharmacist to get back to work!

Until next time...


Tracie said...

Funny! Hubs and I have it. (I'm mild. He thinks he's dying.) But the kids aren't sick. I spent the afternoon Lysoling and bleaching.
It made me feel better, anyway.

Lee said...

We've had it over here. But, only one of us got it. I don't lysol, would take away from my blogging time!

Chief said...


Allison said...

Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!

We just got over Spencer being sick..well he still has a bit of a cough so the pharmacy is still technically open but not as much!

I think I used a whole container of Clorox wipes, my hands are completely raw and my vitamin C pills are definitely depleated but I am not sick (knock on wood)!

Amy said...

Hope everyone feels better. Great post.