This whole flu thing....I just don't know what to make of it! Regular or piggy flu! They're both bad for various reasons and shots are recommended. And I'm not getting into the vaccinate or not debate because, well, I just don't want to. I've had 2 sick kids all day and I'm just to darn tired to debate anything at the moment. Which is why I am stuck cleaning the living room and not the kids!

But anywho, I was at the grocery store filling a perscription and picking up a few things when I realized something. Talking to the 2 old freiends I ran into only added fuel to the fire I guess you could say.

I noticed while waiting in line at the pharmacy that they were almost sold out of Thermaflu. I saw a commercial the other day for Lysol and how it kills H1N1. I didn't look, but I'm sure places are selling out of that, too! The one old friend I ran in to said she had her son at the doctor earlier that day as well (I took GG in this afternoon). She was told the same as I was - it's a virus/bad cold. Not the flu!

Now I am not one to freak out and call the doctor over every sneeze and sniffle. I think it's because we went through so much with GG and her asthma when she was little that I have learned when to call and when not to call. She said at her doctor's office, everyone has to wear masks. Even patients! Especially the ones who are coughing. Now like I said before, I know the flu is not a pretty thing, but really? Masks, hand sanitizers everywhere...and I mean EVERYWHERE!!! Is this piggy flu really that bad, or is this media induced panic? I even feared GG had the flu and that's not usually my style.

And now I have Little Dude to deal with. He barely made it up the steps because he didn't feel well. I swear my kids are gonna be on a stage somewhere down the line! Good grief, you should have seen me trying to take his temperature! I tried under his tongue - he clamped up (for once) and I tried under his arm - nope. I am surely NOT sticking my only thermometer where the sun don't shine! He doesn't feel too warm so I let it go, but if I suspect a fever tomorrow, hold your ears because I will be holding him down! Keep in mind this is the child that, at 2, it took 2 grown people to hold him down to take out a splinter!

Wish me luck!!!

Until next time.....


Tracie said...

Stay well! I've been hearing that all basic flu care items are selling out. I was at the store today and they seemed stocked up. We are all sick with something. Don't know what, yet.

Anti-Supermom said...

I hope everyone in your home is better. I'm on the fence about flu shots too, it's just a hard decision that you sometimes feel blind going into.

Lee said...

We had the piggy flu. They were only giving the tameflu out to those that needed it, and my daughter is asthmatic, so she got it. But, it gave her halucinations and I stopped using it. She had it for 4 days. High fever for 2, low for 1 and then fine for 1, just worn out. My docs office is out of the flu shot, so we aren't getting one this year. Oh well! It's the flu and if it's bad, then we will have to deal with it then!