What I Meant Was...

If you were given the opportunity to say what you really meant, would you?

Chief is starting her own carnival type thingy where you can express such thoughts.

After you've seen what I meant to say, head on her to
Chief's blog to find out what others really wanted to say!

To my husband~
I'm going out with T.
Promise I'll be home before dawn I won't be late!

To Little Dude~
I just broke out in a sweat
trying to twist and turn your little hand
into that darn glove for the past 20 minutes!
And now you don't want to play in the snow?
Be glad I'm exhausted little boy!
Or else I'd kill you!!!

Oh, you'd rather stay inside?
Ok! Go watch your cartoons then.

It's an inch of snow people, not a friggin blizzard!
If these dumbass drivers
don't get their acts together soon
and learn how to drive,
I'm gonna start to have a serious case of road rage.
And I'm gonna take it out on every last one of them!

I think we need to leave a little earlier in the mornings with this weather.

To GG~
Hey! It's the white girl version of Urkel

You look AWESOME!!!!

To my loving husband~

You're already in the kitchen with pitcher in hand.
Make it yourself!

I'll make juice in a minute.

Wow! Both kids will be in school next year! Do you realize how much blogging cleaning I can get done? How many naps I can take forgotten toys I can get rid of? Oh, the excitement!!!

My babies are growing up!!! I don't want 'em to get any bigger!!! It's not fair!!! I want my babies back!!!

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Oh I loved them! Love the Urkel picture :)

Unknown said...

I love those! I'm so ready for the snow to be gone now!

Chief said...

I love your take on it!

and the gloves on the kids hands are hysterical

and your daughters outfit rocks!

Unknown said...

roflmbo I like the way you did yours.. will have to keep that in mind for next week.. ummm yeah white erkel I agree but you don't want to say that to them but too flippin cute.. she is umm finding herself mom yeah that's it

Anonymous said...

urkel.....lmao to funny;)

Shell said...

Love it!

I'm thinking that I am going to put Cub in preschool next year, so that I can have a few days a week with no kids here. I'll come home and slip into a coma until pick-up time.

Epiphius said...

She might look silly, but way to go for not saying what you meant! :) That's fantastic that you're building up her sense of self before someone else can crush it.

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

What the heck is it with kids and gloves?!? Why can't they make some that zip on?!

Tracie Nall said...

Gloves....Coats....Boots....they were invented to drive parents crazy!!

Tracie said...

Oh those were full of The Awesome! My sentiments exactly.

I was looking forward to mine going back to school and they have been off for the last two days. And it is supposed to keep snowing all week.

Kmama said...

Those were great!! I love how you did it by striking out what you were really thinking.

Amy said...

This was so funny to read. Thanks for sharing what a fun idea..

Lothiriel said...

LMAO!! These are funny! Loved the Urkel picture!

My husband will stand in the kitchen too, and ask if I'm going to make dinner, while I'm busy holding the baby and feeding her.

Theta Mom said...

Urkel, too funny!

Unknown said...

The Urkel pic cracked me up!

My younger sister used to match her clothing by the stains on her T-shirt.

Mae Rae said...

Your daughters pic CRACKED ME UP! also, I loved the cleaning up non used toys (naps) that is great

Claudya Martinez said...

Those were great!