Next Time, Don't Ask

So today is Sunday and Sunday means football. The Steelers had a great win today and now I just need to hope beyond hope for the smallest chance that we make the playoffs. A lot of things need to happen. I have a live score tracker up on the screen so I can keep an eye on who wins and loses.

Um....I think I have a slight football addiction! I won't even describe my outfit at the moment
for fear you'll make fun of me.

Anyways, Sundays also mean that we have to pack up and go to my in-laws. I saw that like we have to travel oh so far, but really, they only live like 5 minutes away.

I love my mother-in-law. I really do. But sometimes all I can think is what the heck?!

My birthday is coming up next month and she asked me today what I would like. There's 2 things on my list -

I'm forced to get the CD
since the band won't allow their music on iTunes...


Pretty simple, right? She asked and I stood there for a minute debating on which one to say out loud. Apparently I chose wrong. Wii Fit Plus is what came out of my mouth.

"What do you want that for? You don't need to lose weight!" is what came out of her mouth.

Why do people assume that losing weight is the only reason one should exercise?

Part of
my plan for this year is to get my knees back in shape. It's too cold at the moment to do anything outdoors and even though some gyms have playrooms, it's still a pain to get there while lugging a stubborn 4 year old around. I already have the original Wii Fit, which I really enjoy, but the Plus version has a lot more to offer.

If you're just going to respond to a request with negative comments, that you shouldn't have bothered to ask in the first place! Next time, I'm just going to ask for a gift card.

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

gift cards are always a safe bet...then you can just go get what you want without the comments from the peanut gallery


Chief said...

I love me some Def!

Poor some sugar on me baby!

Trac~ said...

I'd say go for the gift card next time as well so you can choose what you'd like and then tell her after the fact what you bought, if she asks. The Wii Fit is also what I am wanting too. Ohh.. and do I ever love me some Def Leppard! Rock on girlie! :o)

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

ACDC and Kid Rock are also not on iTunes. :(

Kmama said...

I LOVE your choices for what you want for your birthday!!

I get the same from family members when I say what I want. One year, I wanted Crest Whitestrips, and I didn't want to buy them myself because they are pricey, so I asked for them and everyone told me it was a "bad gift." Whatever.

Mae Rae said...

MIL's can be funny like that, but it sounds more like my mother than my MIL. Why ask? I am so with you on that one.