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If you don't know who Jaden is, then click on his picture and you will be redirected to SupahMommy's page where you can learn all about him.


Yesterday he had his bone marrow transplant. This little cutie has been through so much and still has quite a ways to go. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He will win his fight!


Kelsey's story
I read this story and it just broke my heart. Eating disorders are a scary thing and having a daughter, it is definitely something I worry about. Please click the above link to read Kelsey's story and find out how you help raise awareness.

We all have heard about this and it is such a devastating story. I came across this link. If you click it will take you to a Google page with links and ways to help those suffering in Haiti.

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The Princess of Sarcasm said...

I would have never pegged you for the tatoo/piercing type! So funny how you have an image in your head when you know someone online as opposed to irl. So when do we get to see the pics of all your tats and piercings! ;)

Thanks for posting Kelsey's story as well as the others. *smooches™

Kmama said...

Great post...tying all three into one!!

Mae Rae said...

This was awesome! The fact that you opened three eyes in one shot was great.