Let It Snow

You're shocked I said that, right? I mean, I have been a snow grinch raving about this lovely weather since it first started. But last night as I was watching the snow fall, I was secretly praying for at least a 10am start.

I have had one hell of a week!!! I posted earlier in the week about
the loss of a friend. Yesterday was her funeral and it was just horrible! I know that she is no longer in pain and while that is a big relief, she leaves a lot behind. She touched so many lives and I didn't realize exactly how many until I saw how many people were in attendance yesterday. She also left behind a husband and 2 little girls. I know they will find a way to keep on going, but it's a very sad thing for them to go through.

Anysnow, back to the weather. I need a break from grieving and today I got just that. It started last night with the phone call that our district has a 10am start. They have this cool phone system where the principal or superintendent records a message and it gets sent out to all the parents. Altho sometimes I think they have too much fun with that. We got a phone call once about a change in the lunch menu. Was that really necessary?

I knew I still had to get everyone up to take Chris to work, but at least we wouldn't have to rush to get GG to school on time. 730 this morning my phone rings. I don't answer because

1. I'm driving and
2. I don't recognize the number

Immediately after my phone stops ringing, Chris' phone starts. I knew then and there that school was cancelled. Ya, I know I'm stuck inside with the kids today, which may or may not be a good thing. We've all had it rough this week and emotions are flying high. GG's friend ost her mom and Little Dude was at the funeral with me and he's too young to fully understand what was going on. But to make things even better, Chris called this morning and said that his buddy with an SUV will drive him home because the roads are only getting worse.

That gives me more time to
do laundry
clean the house


And I think I may get out of the bulk of the shovelling today. The kids are BEGGING me to let them help with that chore today. Hopefully this time, Little Dude doesn't decide to build a snow fort on the walkway!

Just because I'm excited over a snow day
doesn't mean I still can't complain!

Until next time...


Mae Rae said...

still sorry for your loss, but Yeah! no school!

Anonymous said...

you happy for snow....wow i thought i would never see the day...haha

still sending hugs

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

So sorry for you loss. I can't imagine how her family feels. :(

Yay for no school....until the makeup day rolls around....

Lisa Anne said...

I say get the Ereader. You will not regret it. You'll blow through the 1000 page Stephen King book. Trust me. I blew through the 600 something page Blindside on my reader in 3 days.

Shell said...

Enjoy your day.

Kmama said...

All the schools in our area were closed, but because my work was not, it only created more work/hassle for me. Grr.

Enjoy your snow day!

My Trendy Tykes said...

More time to blog....YAY!

Tracie said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

I was not happy to have our school cancelled today. That made 4 days in a row. They HAVE to go back on Monday.

Claudya Martinez said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Maggie said...

I came over from We Believe Blogs...glad I did! I'll definitely be back.

Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. It's a hard pain.

Enjoy the snow!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I'm so sorry you lost your friend, and I hope things are looking up for you soon.