I Love Her School

I was going through GG's papers after school on Friday and I came across a letter from the school. Her school has organized something and I think it is incredibly awesome.

So, of course that means I have to share!

We all know about what's going on in Haiti right now. I think it's so wonderful that so many people from all over are pitching in to help where they can. GG's school is doing a school-wide service next week called "Bubble from B".

Just in case you didn't figure it out, her school's name starts with a B, but I don't give out all our information freely. Safety first, right!

Anyway, the students are being asked to bring in a bar of soap. They are hoping to collect 205 bars ~ that's 1 per student. Of course, they are more than happy to collect more than that amount. These bars of soap will go to Haiti.

GG's school is always organizing things for others. A few weeks ago, some of the high schoolers were selling candy canes to raise money for Make-a-Wish. The PTA tries to get donations (food or money) for the local food bank. We do Penny Wars to help a family in the community. This is just one of the reasons why I love this school district and the community.

Until next time...

PS. I've been having some fun playing around with the look of my blog. So if you stop by and it looks different don't worry. It's still me! And if you see I've changed something and it doesn't look quite right, feel free to let me know.


Shell said...

That's great that they teaching the kids to reach out!

Diane said...

my daughter's school is always doing terrific things too. giving kids that feeling of community and teaching them compassion i think is just as important as the academics. i'm going to mention this idea to her teacher!

Amy said...

what a great school. I think your blog looks amazing.

I tagged you today if you want to play along.


Happy Sunday..

Anonymous said...

wow, what a great thing to do, also a great way to teach the kids to reach out to others;)

Liz Mays said...

I like that idea! That's very different but a much needed item that will be!

Tracie said...

It's great that her school does things for charity. Not all of them do.

Kmama said...

What a great idea with the soap!! It's something that everyone should be able to afford. And they are teaching those kids a valuable lesson.