Monkeys & Neighbors


Not only does he love monkeys
but sometimes I think he IS one!

Remember from this post when I said that Little Dude has his own ice pack? Well, let me tell you why. And these are just stories from this week!

Sunday night I was blogging cleaning the house when I heard a scream. I have never heard a cry like this one and I honestly didn't know which kid it came from. Yes, it was that bad! I go running and I hear feet running in my direction. Turns out Little Dude was sitting on the side of the couch and fell. Well, he said he fell. I think he was trying to be Superman and fly into the stuffed animals that are in the corner next to the couch. I think it scared him more than anything because he stopped crying as soon as I hugged him. I grabbed his ice pack, sat with him for a few minutes, then proceeded to get the kids ready for bed. As we're getting ready to read our bed story I notice the huge purple goose egg on his forehead! Thank goodness it was on his hairline and people aren't going to think I neat him or something! I'm also glad I decided NOT to cut his hair!

Last night GG and I had a Brownie meeting. I really need to start taking special tea and maybe ear plugs to these meetings! Anywho, as we're pulling into the driveway, GG says "Look! Dude is waiting for us!". He was standing on the back of the couch hanging from the curtain!

Please don't fall! Please don't fall!
Where the hell is you father?!?

Just this morning, Little Dude decided to pull out the Lincoln Logs and his bucket o' army men. Somehow in his mind they go together. His space shuttle also likes to play with the knights. I come upstairs from throwing in some laundry to see him sitting on the tv stand! First off, it's cheap and I put it together, which means it may or may not be very sturdy. Secondly, the tv which is already dinged up was NOT cheap!!!

Thankfully he didn't fall for those last 2 stories, but the potential was definitely there!

Maybe I need my neighbor to come help watch him for me so I can stay longer in bloggy-land. Speaking of my neighbor...

She does watch out for people in the neighborhood and she also tends to be quite the gossip! It does make me feel good that my neighbors care enough to make sure we're safe. Like the time she was ready to call the cops about the young man dressed in all black at night standing across the street from my house as me and the kids are getting out of the car. Btw, he was just waiting for a ride from a friend. But I've come to the conclusion she's a mooch.

A few months ago she needed something from her sister. This sister was supposed to drop said item off, but never did and she wasn't answering her phone. She asked if I could ride her over to see is her sister was home. Long story short, I did, no sister, wasted trip.

Shortly after that she said she needed to pay her gas bill but she left her purse at her dad's 1/2 hour away. Could I pay her bill for her and she would give me the cash. That's a big fat HELL and NO!!!

Yesterday she came a-knockin' because her cell phone bill was due (oh crap!). Her car broke, her son's working a double shift, and can I give her a ride to the Cricket store in the morning? I tried to weasel out of it by saying I have to go to my mom's (which I really do at some point). She said if my car's here, she'd come by. To my knowledge she hasn't stopped over yet. Of course I was giving Little Dude a bath and then in the laundry so I wouldn't have heard the door anyway. Oops! What I want to know is, you have at least a cell phone. Why can't you call in a payment? Even if your phone is shut off due to not paying, you can still call the provider to pay the bill. And where the heck is her husband that I've heard about over the past 3 years but have yet to see?

Please tell me I'm not the only one with a crazy caring neighbor?

Until next time...


Kmama said...

Your neighbor sounds like a "hoot" and I mean that in the most crazy way. LOL

Little Dude and Buster must be related, because those are the things my 2 y.o. does as well!!

Anonymous said...

arggggg nosey neighbors are the worst;(

the line, he was hanging from the curtains made me laugh so hard, lol

Amy said...

oh my what a wild house. That boy is just so happy.. Love it.. Have a great weekend. I bet you can hang from the curtains..

Trac~ said...

OMGoodness girl - your son sounds just like my son when he was that age. My son was NEVER afraid of anything ever - and was ALWAYS climbing on everything - I still don't know how he's survived this long! HA! Your neighbor sounds like a real cuke - either that or a huge manipulator trying to get someone to pay her bills for her. Big hugs!

VandyJ said...

Stopping by from VGNO. Happy Friday. I have Turbo and Bruiser and they both think couch diving is an accepted sport. It's not so bad for Turbo-he's six. Bruiser is eleven months so those dives are a bit more heart attack causing.

Tracie said...

I have a nosey neighbor across the street. She spys on my kids and calls me to report their misbehavior. It's very annoying.

Mae Rae said...

i think your monkey has a twin living in my house. he is my second. I have said from the beginning of Peanut that it was a second child syndrome.

Mae Rae said...

oops hit send before i was finished. i had a crazy neighbor when my husband and I were first married. she once knocked on my door in a panic because her boyfriend didn't come home at the designated time. she was in a panic that he crashed a repo car he picked up that morning. I drove her around for over an hour and a half, long long story short my hubby and I drove her to another state to pick up her car.