No Dude to be Found

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It really hit me the other day - Little Dude is officially too old for naps. He was in day care until he was 3 and he took naps there at their scheduled times. When he turned 3 is when I quit my job. For a while we had nap time. He would lay down by 1 pm and would sleep until I woke him up to get GG from school by 3. Then his story time was changed from 10 am to 1 pm. No more nap! But he would end up sleeping in the car on the way to get the husband from work.

I've noticed lately that he no longer does that. At first you could tell this lack of extra sleep affected his mood. He was one cranky kid come dinner time. But I've learned the hard way that it is not wise to let your kids nap that late in the day.

I guess he is 4 1/2 and will start Kindergarten in the fall. He's just too old for naps.

Most days at least.

As I mentioned yesterday, GG was helping my cousin at her Gold Award ceremony for Girl Scouts last Sunday. When she was ready, I went to my Aunt and Uncle's house to pick her up. Little Dude threw a ginormous fit because I wouldn't take him with me. It would just be quicker if I went alone.

I returned to my in-laws to hear that Little Dude had fell asleep on the floor. I walked into the house expecting to see him crashed out on the floor. No Dude to be seen! Thinking maybe someone carried him upstairs to Grandma's bed, I mosied on up to her room. No Dude to be seen! I checked the other bedroom - no Dude to be seen!

I finally asked where the heck he was. He was sleeping on the floor of Grandma's room in the one foot space between the side of their bed and the wall!

I wish I would have had my camera! It never occurred to me to have my MIL take his picture. Oh well! But I do have pictures of odd places he has slept in the past...

Sleeping baby
On a mountain of clothes
Don't worry!
I've since caught up on that chore

He has also fallen asleep while eating in a high chair. And standing up with his head resting on his bed.

I guess when he's tired, he'll sleep where ever he can!

Have your kids ever fell asleep in odd places?

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Anonymous said...

when I was little I used to like to sleep in the car, when it was parked in the drive way ;)

Kristin said...

My youngest fell asleep in his bath seat in the time it took me to put the washcloth down and turn back to him.

Oka said...

My daughter is 6 and finishing 1/2 day kindergarten.She often takes naps so we can make it through soccer filled evenings. She is in AM kindergarten and I have to have her up by 6:15am. Sometimes, I am lucky to get them to bed by 9pm if there is soccer. A little nap helps ward off the grouchies.

My kids could always fall asleep in the weirdest places and positions.

Once my oldest was found sleeping his toy box with a small layer of lumpy toys under him.

They have all done the sleep in the high chair thing.

I have had the toddlers walk up and bend over to lay their heads on to the couch and fall asleep.

My youngets fell asleep last year while his sister was driving him in her Hot Wheels jeep.

Kmama said...

This blog post comes at a hilarious time!! Buster fell asleep in his crib last night, sitting up against all of the blankets that he piled at the end. Of course I took pics. I'll have to post them on Saturday.

I hated when Buddy grew out of his naps (it was forced because he started Kindergarten). I still make him take one every once in awhile on the weekends.

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Jason is 5 and starting kindergarten in the fall. He is still taking his naps. In fact, he is down right mean when he doesn't have them. He's a wonderful kid though.

I always use those times to catch things up so when he goes to Kindergarten I guess he'll stop napping.

Ally said...

awww! i took a pain killer, i'm having severe back aches this week, and nearly fell asleep at the computer yesterday. not sure if that counts.

Theta Mom said...

My kids were always crib sleeps and rarely would fall alseep anywhere else, even in the car! Hotel trips were never fun!

The Mommyologist said...

My son would totally do that! Too cute. When he was little he used to fall asleep in his exersaucer and I always thought it was so cute!!

Joey Lynn Resciniti said...

My child never falls asleep anywhere unless she's really sick. That's how we knew she had something bad when she fell asleep on a pool chair at Disney World. She had a fever.