What I'm Thankful Four

What a crazy time of year this is! Once we get done with birthdays, it's time for Thanksgiving, and before I know it, it's Christmas! With all the craziness going on right now it's hard to think of 5 things for Meme Monday, so thankfully SupahMommy and MommyBrain agreed on a top 4 this week.


Altho, I guess if you want to get all technical on me, thanking them could turn my list of 4 into a list of 5. But who's counting?

So anywho, what am I thankful four? Well, sit back, grab your coffee and find out!

1. The ability to see. Without it, I would never know
  • what the sunrise looks like when I have to drive C to work at the butt crack of dawn
  • how beautiful the leaves look in the fall before they fall and drive me bat crazy
  • what beautiful creatures two people in love can make
and see how goofy they can be

2. The ability to hear. Without it I would never know
  • how a child's laughter can brighten any day, no matter how dreary it may seem
  • what a favorite song sounds like and the different emotions it can stir up inside you
  • how soothing the rain can sound at night as it taps against the windows

3. Happy and healthy children. I see and hear about struggles that some children have to go through. Fights that no one, especially a child, should have to face. I see them fighting a good fight and it makes me realize that children, although small, are often stronger than we realize. But I am so very thankful that my children do not have to fight these fights.

4. Coffee, because you know I can't make it through a whole post without some humor! Without my daily dose of caffeine, I would not be coherent enough to even post this. I need that jump start in the morning to be able to accomplish the things I want to get done for the day. Whether it's the house that needs work, or doing something with my kids. Both require heavy doses of caffeine to run smoothly.

Now go and join Supah and MommyBrain for Meme

Until next time...


Shell said...

I don't know how I manage somedays without caffeine. I really don't. Thank goodness for the stuf. I limit myself to a few times a week b/c it's like an addiction for me. LOL

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

#3 is a big one for me these days. I can't even read some of the stories about sick children now without getting completely choked up and upset. I don't know how their parents do it, except that you have to be strong for your kids. Whew, I'm going up to hug my healthy son right now!

Amy said...

Oh I love the list. Most of all I love the children.. I still try and do that. I love finding blue suckers so I can do the same thing..

Miss. C said...

How cute, I love you post! The leaves, UGH!!! The piles just never go away!!

Mae Rae said...

Absolutely love your post! I giggled at the colored tongue. That was just precious. Caffeine is like life support at my house. Gotta get it into the bloodstream before functioning properly.

Liz Mays said...

Those tongues! LOL

I hear you with the caffeine. Mine comes through diet soda, but I can't not have it.

I so agree with the healthy children. I feel so blessed!

Kmama said...

Love the pics of your kids!! What the heck did they eat? Kool-Aid directly from the packet? LOL

Courtney said...

What a great list! You're funny!!

Lisa said...

Great list and FUNNY!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Allison said...

This is a great post and a great list! Have a great Turkey Day!