Twilight Zone

Today was just a bizarre day.

To be honest, I was thrown off all weekend with C not being home. Friday night was the only night I was freaked out by any and every noise. Last night, I was just bored out of my friggin skull!!!!! Tonight I'm a little excited that I can watch my shows without any fights over who gets the good tv! But I'm sure I'll be just as bored with no one to talk to.

And let me tell you, I cannot wait to put the kids to bed, especially Little Dude! If he's not throwing some insane fit, he's beating up GG, and if he's not doing either of those, he's throwing stuff down the basement steps. I did make him go get what he threw, which he was not happy about. Hopefully he won't do it again.

C - COME HOME!!!!!

Anywho, back to why today in particular was bizarre. It's warm. I mean warm like in the 70s! That's not normal for November in these parts. But I am sure not complaining!!! I took the kids to my in-laws like we do every Sunday, but there was no C with us. And then the Steelers don't play until tomorrow. That means we didn't have to wear these...


And there was no waving of these...

Terrible Towel

I was, however, excited that the Bears game was on - maybe we could try and pick C out of the crown (ya right!!).

Chicago Bears
one of the many picture messages he sent me
throughout the weekend

C might have had good seats and had a good time, but I think the Bears forgot to show up for the game. I thought they were making a come back at the end, but I was sooo wrong! It was so bad that the channel showing the game switched to another game - Green Bay. They were winning, which was making me happy, but then Tampa decided it was time for them to win a game.

I couldn't even enjoy football today!

But if nothing else, I did enjoy the weather. Although it was weird to have to take my jacket off for GG's soccer game at 9am. And I am kinda excited....ok, very excited that fall soccer is done for the season. I can finally sleep in on Sundays!!!

And since the weather was so nice and I forced sent the kids outside to play, they now resemble one of my favorite characters...


Until next time...


Anonymous said...

so its true absence does makes the heart grow fonder......very sweet;)

hold on my friend

Evonne said...

Yes it is true!

I have 24 more hours to go, give or take a few. I'm not sure exactly when they're leaving to come home. I think I can handle that.

Tracie said...

It's sunny and warm here. I wish it would stay that way.
PS Your kids sound familiar.....,