Boom, Boom! Out Go the Lights!

We had a few minor catastrophes today. You know, the ones where the kids won't listen no matter what you say and it's worse during the holidays? Ya, one of those days!

Anywho, tonight we went to eat at the Italian Oven. We love this place and their pizza is to die for! Especially with kalamata olives on it. Yum-my!!! Sadly, this restaurant is moving after tomorrow. Their not moving far, thank goodness, but we can no longer walk there during the summer.

I was also able to get the Christmas tree up today and the decorations placed ever so nicelythroughout the living room. We didn't decorate the tree yet. I'll deal with those frustrations at a later time. But now I understand why some people surprise the kids by decorating after they go to sleep on Christmas Eve. But I can't do that. That's when I wrap presents. Nothing like procrastination, right?!?

And to end the day with some more holiday festivities, we went to yet another local light up night. But this one had fireworks! We go to the same place for the 4th of July and their fireworks display is beyond beautiful and it was just as awesome tonight.


Until next time...


Unknown said...

Was that a Christmas fireworks show? I got my tree up and decorated on Thanksgiving...but I have a little 6 ft it was easy!

Shell said...

Love the holiday look on your blog! So cute.

Gotta get on the decorating here, though that requires a trip to storage- the unit that Hubs packed- it gives me a nervous breakdown just to open the door to it. No thought was put into how he threw things in there.

Mae Rae said...

Never decorate for Christmas until after the 28th. It is a rule. I was going to do it today but then life got in the way. We'll see if the afternoon brings something different.

Amy said...

Wow you are so ahead of me..