I wish I knew then what I know now

When we become moms, there are certain things that we know how to do. Even if we didn't realize it at first.

I love my kids to the moon and back, but there's only one thing to do during nice weather if I am to keep my sanity.

Send the little buggers outside!

Before becoming a mom, I didn't realize that sending my kids outside was a must. Obviously I knew it would be good for exercise purposes. What I didn't realize is how much I would come to value my sanity.

Another thing we, as moms, know how to do is take care of a sick child. Yes, I realize that sometimes we want to pull our hair out because nothing we are doing seems to help. I've been there plenty of times - crying while on hold with the pediatrician. But in general, they're sick, give them medicine.

What I wish I knew is how to tell when my kids are sick before they even know it.

This past weekend was full of all kinds of outdoor activities and running around. You can read more about it here. Had I known then what I know now, we would have stayed closer to home.

Sunday afternoon Little Dude started complaining about his ear hurting. He was getting over a cold, but had no other symptoms. No fever, no throwing up, nothing. Knowing that Little Dude can be somewhat of a drama king, I took the wait and see approach.

Fast forward to dinner time and he is still complaining. I try to look in his ear for a Lego or some other small toy. I wouldn't put it past him to shove something in his ears or up his nose. I'm actually quite surprised he hasn't tried before. *knock on wood*

When I pulled the top of ear to get a better look, he broke down into screams and tears. I'm no doctor, but that screamed ear infection. Being Sunday, there wasn't much I could do. Even if I did get a hold of the doctor, the pharmacy was closed. I gave him some Motrin and hoped he would be better by morning.

Monday morning the first thing he says to me as he stumbles from bed to the bathroom is "My ear still hurts". After I took the husband to work and GG to school I called the doctor. Surprisingly we got an appointment for 9:30. Not bad for such short notice!

The results - an ear infection that appeared to be infected for at least a few days. That means it was infected before he started to complain. Can we say, Mom Fail?

On the bright side we have pink fruity antibiotics, which he absolutely loves! I think he might love it a little too much! He wants to take the stuff all the time! Thank goodness for child-proof lids.

Surprised he hasn't figured those out either!

Until next time....


Oka said...

I can see how a ear infection would sneak in.

Unknown said...

I don't think there is much you can do to detect an ear infection but I know what you mean about wishing for some sort of sign or something. Hope that your little one gets to feeling better soon. Ear infections hurt.

Kmama said...

Don't feel bad. Buddy had a raging ear infection during Christmas and we didn't know it. Because he kept saying the outside of his ear hurt, we thought it was from a fall he had at school. It was several days, and a drive through the mountains (eek!) before we learned it was an ear infection.

BNM said...

awww poor baby... ear infections will just sneak up on you! My kid loves that "pink stuff" too. Now when i tell him he has to take his meds he will run to the fridge and get the pepto out thinking thats what that is then he realizes im talking about "the nasty kind" and runs and hides HAHA

Amy said...

Oh know I hope he feels better soon. Ouch and no fun..