A Good Deal

Yet again we had a full weekend. I don't know why I expect anything different?

Friday was spent outside for many, many hours. It was a gorgeous day and we took full advantage of it. The kids and I walk to their school playground. After an hour, we grabbed their scooters and headed up to Caribou for drinks and a snack. After we returned home, we took a drive out to the big park to play for a while.

Saturday was date night, but not for me and the husband. A few weeks ago, Little Dude and I had a Mommy and Son date night at Chick Fil-a. It was now GG's turn for a date night with daddy.

Just so you can have a good laugh, I would like to point out that I drive them to the wrong restaurant. We quickly fixed that, and their night turned out magical.

Their table was set and they had a waitress who served them. Music was playing and every song was about love. After their meal, they got to take a limo ride around the parking lot. I'd be really surprised if you didn't hear her squeal when she found out! As a memento of their date, each girl got a magnet with her and her date as well as a CD containing all of the music that was played through their date.

Father daughter date night

Sunday was the first official day of Spring. While it wasn't as warm as Friday was, it was still a gorgeous day. The kids spent a good portion of the day playing outside. When they seemed to need a break I decided it was time to enjoy my favorite part of the first day of Spring. Free Rita's Day!

I know that not everyone may know what Rita's is, so I'll tell you. It's ice made mostly from fruit, although they do have other flavors like Swedish Fish and Cotton Candy (ew!).

Every year on the first day of Spring, Rita's shows their appreciation for their customers by giving out free regular sized ices. Just to put it into perspective, I usually get a kid size because a regular is too much ice for me, no matter how delicious it is!

While standing in line I realized that we could upgrade to a gelati for a dollar (custard is added to the ice). Three gelatis for three bucks is an awesome deal so that's what we got. I chose Tropical Punch, which is really good. The kids went for Swedish Fish. And yes, it really does taste like Swedish Fish.

I think we all enjoyed our snack, don't you?

Rita's Rita's Ice

Until next time....


Oka said...

I can't even begin to sort out all we did this past weekends.

I think we have a Rita's near us, but I've never been. We may have to try it out.

Bet your kids had the best weekend ;)

Kmama said...


Saturday and Sunday were downright cold here. And we have freezing rain and possibly even snow in the forecast for this week. No wonder I'm sick!

Amy said...

What a fin weekend. I went to that place you were talking about with the ice. My best friend lives out there. It was pretty yummy. I will have to look you up when I go visit her again! Have a great Monday!