How to decorate a cake

Last Thursday was our Brownie troop's long awaited "field trip" day.

Why is field trip in quotes? Because we really didn't go anywhere. We had someone come to where we meet.

A friend of mine decorates cakes. I learned a few months ago that she also teaches cake classes. I knew this would be perfect for the girls in the troop.

She provided all of the supplies - cakes, icing, fondant, tools, and went to work teaching the girls how to decorate their little 6 inch cakes.

The cakes were frosted with butter cream icing that was to die for! Then they had pink, purple, and green fondant to use for bows and flowers.

Fondant class

Sadly neither of those cakes belong to GG. I'm a bad mom and forgot to take a picture of her cake until it was cut and partially eaten.

But I did get a picture of her enjoying her slice.


As well as one of her pretty roses.

Fondant rose

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Oka said...

bet the girls had lots of fun

Stacy Uncorked said...

What a great (and fun) project for the girls to do!

WW: Incredible Shrinking Girl

Unknown said...

Seriously so pretty and so much fun!

And as a Daisy leader, I'd say that totally counts as field trip. For sure! :)

Rachel said...

I want to be in GG's troop! We never did anything THAT fun when I was a brownie!

Cyndy Bush said...

What a cool class! I want to take it too. Nom nom nom!