How to catch a leprechaun

Thursday is our late school. GG has her after school math program. While Little Dude and I were sitting in the car waiting for her to come out, he starts telling me about the newest project for school.

A leprechaun trap.

Oh, good grief!

I asked his teacher the following day about it. She said the kids can make a trap, but it's not a required assignment. This may sound like a good thing because I now had an out, but Little Dude had his heart set on making one.

Luckily burghbaby tweeted about making one, too. So I asked for tips and she directed me to the blog she got her idea from.

Thank you Red Lotus Mama for the directions!

The leprechaun will be drawn in from the glitter of the shamrocks. He'll see the grass at the top and wonder what is behind it. Leprechauns are curious little buggers!

leprechaun trap

Once he's close to the top, he will spot to pot o' gold. Leprechauns are also greedy little buggers! Being so focused on that shiny pot o' gold, the leprechaun will fail to notice the hole in the "ground".

leprechaun trap
I hope we can catch a leprechaun!

To learn how to make a similar trap, check out Red Lotus Mama'a post here.

Until next time....


Oka said...

It'd be awesome if he caught more than one, looks plenty big enough to me.

Kmama said...

That is so cute!! He looks so proud!

Amy said...

That is so neat! Yeah.. Have a great week!

Shell said...

Damn, I wish I'd been over here yesterday, b/c we had to make one last night! So cute!